The One Piece anime comes to Netflix for the Egghead arc, but is that true?

The arch of Egg head has started today in the anime of “One Piece“, and we have already been able to see some spectacular developments such as the destruction in a matter of seconds of Lulusia or the return of a character who had not shown himself for a long time as Jewelry Bonney. The reality is that this has only just begun, and for now as always content that can be followed through Crunchyroll. But… is Netflix also an alternative to consider?

The Netflix Anime announcement that has turned quite a few heads

It has been a handful of hours ago that the official account of @NetflixAnime has released the following statement:

And so that there is no confusion, I will now explain how things really are:

  • Basically, Netflix Anime account CONFIRMS that One Piece’s Egghead arc will debut on Netflix starting January 13, 2024. This basically implies that the broadcast on said streaming platform will be a week behind Crunchyroll. 🤯
  • Now, here comes the million-dollar question: Do you send the information in this tweet to ALL territories in which Netflix is ​​available? Well, the truth is that it is not specified anywhere, but I already tell you 95% NO. 😅
  • Currently, on Netflix Spain the only One Piece content that is available is both the live-action and the film Film: Red. And unlike in many regions such as the USA, which is for whom it is surely focused Netflix Anime’s tweet, In Spain the only way to follow episodic anime is none other than Crunchyroll. 😶
  • Could the surprise happen and on January 13, Netflix Spain will start broadcasting the One Piece anime? Obviously it is a possibility that should not be ruled out, but I already said that The probabilities are really low, if not non-existent considering that license manipulation is different in our country. 😑

Honestly, That “One Piece” comes to Netflix at some point is something that wouldn’t surprise me too much either, although at this point what seems most likely to me is that the thing will remain in that future remake under the name “The One Piece “. After all, as I mentioned in Spain, anime licenses work quite differently than in the rest of the world, especially because we do not have services like HiDive (or at least not properly adequate) since, in contrast, there are other brands like Selecta Vision or JonuMedia that are always made with their dose of IPs. In short: that Don’t count on “One Piece” to arrive on Netflix until it is announced on Spanish channels.

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