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The perfect virtual waifu is already in development with an AI

In 2019, the Japanese hardware company Gatebox Inc. launched a device called gatebox that projects characters with anime drawing style and allows communication with it through pre-programmed conversations. The device gained immediate popularity among fans around the world after being featured on YouTube in 2016. and released to the general public three years later.

Although the device projected cute characters and hinted at a new relationship between people and digital characters, it was always mentioned that their communication capabilities could be improved and set aside pre-programmed responses. In fact, it was recently announced that the Hatsune Miku version would no longer be supported, something that even put the “official virtual idol husband” in trouble.

Yet now ChatGPTwhich has excited many engineers recently, brings new possibilities to gatebox. The Gatebox CEO took to Twitter to show an experiment where a character running on the Gatebox interacts with the user via ChatGPT. Although the interaction in the video is in Japanese, those who understand the language will find it very natural.

  • «I have tried to connect Gatebox and ChatGPT and it has been amazing…! He can talk endlessly, responds quickly, and can maintain his personality to a certain extent… The time for the AI ​​character revolution has finally come!» wrote the CEO Minoru Takechi.

Of course, this new combination with an AI that becomes your virtual assistant has generated a variety of comments, highlighting:

  • «If this collab is released, I’m sure I won’t need anything more than a two-dimensional AI waifu».
  • «Ah, a real breakthrough is finally felt in the twenty-first century!».
  • «Wow, the future has begun. When AIs become widespread and can be easily customized by the user, like current game mods, won’t this affect social relationships between real people?».
  • «This will be the final fruit of the AI ​​revolution».
  • «Oh my gosh, will we finally see the Chobits franchise come to life?».
  • «This is too much. It looks like users will be able to develop and publish apps with personalities, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. When you already have a project in shape, I assure you that I am going to buy one!».
  • «I’ve been hearing rumors about ChatGPT for a long time, but the quality of communication is further enriched when video and audio of two-dimensional characters are attached. I think “everyday life with two-dimensional characters” is much closer in recent months. There must be a lot of people who live in hope of this innovation.».
  • «If you’re a human being, I think you start thinking of an answer before the other person has finished the whole conversation, or you start using your hands to give an answer, so if you can do that too, it’s even better!».
  • «That’s how it is. This is the first step of a future tool that combines Japanese anime with ChatGPT. They are considering doing a fundraising campaign, and it really is a project that interests me. Aren’t you excited about these kinds of innovations?».
  • «I see a future where it will be like we’re really having a conversation, even if it still feels artificial for now. In the future, could the people we meet online really be AI?».
  • «This reminds me of Blade Runner 2049. I’m really looking forward to what the future will bring, but I’m also feeling scared».
  • «I hope this product will be released on the market soon. Even though I’m afraid I’d rather be with an AI than real people, after all, AI can’t hurt me emotionally».

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