The perpetrator of the tragic fire at Kyoto Animation believes he deserves the death penalty

A few years ago there was one of the greatest misfortunes in the entire history of the anime industry: the Kyoto Animation fire. One day an arsonist went to one of the main studios of the well-known Japanese animation company (responsible for Violet Evergarden) and caused a fire that It ended up taking 36 people ahead..

The authorities managed to arrest the culprit, and last September the judicial process began to decide his fate. Since then Aoba Shinji (name of the murderer) made different statements in which he never showed pity for the victims and their families, but that has just changed.

First sincere apologies

  • According to reports from the media Nippon.comat the 21st hearing that took place yesterday at the Kyoto District Court, Aoba apologized for his crime for the first time 🙏🏻
  • At the moment when the prosecution asked the accused to describe his feelings towards the victims of the deceased, the arsonist finally stated that “he regrets what he did”😭
  • Aoba himself later added that the incident is taken very seriouslyalthough sometimes it is inevitable for him to feel that he is not aware of the magnitude of what he did😡
  • Upon hearing that The loved ones of the 36 crime victims want the death penalty to be appliedAoba confirmed that He also thinks he deserves it.
  • At the moment the trial is scheduled to continue, but it looks like the KyoAny arsonist will be sentenced to death❓

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