The premiere of season 5 of the anime is delayed due to the earthquake in Japan

He 7.6 magnitude earthquake that impacted Japan to begin 2024 has had consequences at all levels: obviously human, with the confirmed deaths of dozens of people, but also infrastructure, economic and endless consequences that could be reviewed and analyzed one by one. But what I have to do is talk about anime, and in the same way that I reported about the destruction of the museum dedicated to the works of Go NagaiNow it’s my turn to talk about “Kingdom” season 5 delay.

The Kingdom anime will return with its fifth season later than previously announced

Below I leave you with all the information about the delay of the broadcast as reported the AIR team:

  • Basically, season 5 of the Kingdom anime has been delayed since the television space that was going to be used in Japan to start the broadcast has been ultimately awarded to special coverage of the events arising from the earthquake that affected the country a few days ago. 😮
kingdom s5 (1)
Sadly, we will have to wait a little longer than anticipated to continue enjoying Kingdom
  • In this sense, anime fans can rest assured that the delay is due to something circumstantial, and not that the fifth season is in production problems of any kind. 😅
  • With the delay confirmed, What has also been announced is that episode 1 of Kingdom season 5 will air on January 13, 2024. That is, if nothing else out of the ordinary happens, the broadcast of the fifth season of Kingdom will continue with all the normality that it should have had in its official premiere. 😉
  • In case it is necessary, I remember that this season 5 of the Kingdom anime will start with the equivalent of chapter 442 of Yasuhisa Hara’s manga. Also, taking into account that chapter 782 was recently released and that it has not been reported that the manga will end soon, we are talking about the fact that we still have a long road ahead of us with Xin and his troops. 😋

And that’s all my friends. Obviously the earthquake in Japan to start the year, and then the accident between airplanes that occurred in the same country, is practically impossible to believe as the first days of 2024. The only thing that can be wished at this point is Let Japan stay calm for the rest of the year, so that everyone can simply worry about mundane things. like, precisely, that the “Kingdom” anime is going to be broadcast with the normality that every fan desires.

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