the producer of the franchise confirms new anime and movies

Since the Tournament of Power put an end to the broadcast of the anime of “Dragon Ball Super“that fans of Akira Toriyama’s work have searched for incessantly the episodic return of Goku and company. However, what has been offered to us instead Toei Animation have been films quite separated in time, although things will begin to change with the release of “Dragon Ball Daima“. And I say ‘begin to‘because it has been confirmed that The next decade of “Dragon Ball” content will, in all likelihood, be one of the most aggressive in the entire history of the IP..

Dragon Ball content producer confirms that the franchise will expand non-stop

Next I leave you with the words of Akio Iyoku as he collected them DBSCronicles from a new official interview from the producer:

  • By far, Iyoku-san’s most relevant words are the following: “I will continue producing works such as animes, films and video games over the next 10 years“. 😍
dragon ball super
The future of Dragon Ball seems to be assured with Akio Iyoku’s plans
  • This means that, in effect, until 2034 AT LEAST Dragon Ball will continue adding new content to its name. In fact, this very 2024 we already have the premiere of Dragon Ball Daima and the launch of Sparking Zero!, the new official video game of the franchise. Likewise, if we follow the timings of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it is It is quite likely that by 2025-2026 we will receive the next anime film of Goku and company. 😎
  • Akio Iyoku He has been by far one of the men who has most invested in making Dragon Ball a franchise that has a constant presence in the anime industry, whether it depends on adapting the official manga or not. This is how I jumped from him to create what is known as Capsule Corporation Tokyo and his position as Dragon Ball Executive Content Producer they seem to have guaranteed The next 10 years will have fans ALWAYS aware of the news that may be announced within the framework of the franchise.. 😁

In fact, Iyoku-san’s statements suggest that we could really see an unprecedented expansion in terms of content for “Dragon Ball”, something that I explore in more depth in the article that I have shared with you on these lines. In any case, the general idea is that It seems that we can forget about the anime universe of “Dragon Ball” being completely frozen, dependent only on films that arrive every few years. It is true that it is still early to see the real implications of Iyoku-san’s comments, but I reaffirm the idea that everything looks very promising.

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