The second volume of Adou is now available

The second volume of Adou is now available

From the January 19 can already be achieved second volume from the manga Adouby Amano Jaku. paper heroes puts this work on sale in one edition milled paperback with dust jacket size 13×18 cm at a sale price of €9.95 each volume. Those who buy their copy for the Web page from the publisher will receive an exclusive print and bookmark as a gift.

Amano Jaku writes and draws this story since 2019 on the pages of the magazine Gekkan Young Magazine from the publisher kodansharemaining the work to this day open with 6 compilation volumes. This is Jaku’s first long work, being listed as one of the most promising authors of the magazine Young Magazine.

The Japan of the future. The reception of large masses of immigrants has turned the country into a melting pot. Riko Saeki, a 19-year-old girl whose penchant for outspoken things leads to constant problems and job changes, saves a mysterious boy named Eight from being hit by a truck. The police fail to identify him and she takes him with her when suddenly the army tries to assassinate him. Riko will then discover Eight’s great secret and will make the decision to fight the enemy with him.

Font: paper heroes

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