The Solo Leveling anime would have 6 seasons planned, according to a leak

There is no doubt that the debut of “Solo Leveling“In anime it has been a huge success, and it is managing to reach and exceed all the expectations that were set in what is the most successful manhwa of all time. But, with the first season of the anime about to end… What awaits us in the future? Well If a leak is correct, apparently the “Solo Leveling” anime would end up having a total of 6 seasons.

Everything that has been leaked about the future seasons of Solo Leveling

Has been the user @xDonutW who has rescued the information leaked by a popular leaker of bilibili. And above all how much he has sweated, the truth is that we have to comment on a few things about it:

  • To begin with, yes, it must be said that The thickness of the leak is what revolves around those supposed 6 seasons for the Solo Leveling anime. But you have to keep in mind some things about it. 😉
only leveling
The story of Solo Leveling has a long way to go as an anime
  • It must be said that ‘6 seasons’ should actually be understood as 6 different parts. That is, what has been released in winter of 2024 would be the first of these parts. 😮
  • In this sense, we must remember that several months ago it was announced that the Solo Leveling anime would debut with a first season divided into 2 parts. At the time of writing this article, part 2 has not yet been confirmed, but judging by what the leak shows, it seems that This content would arrive in this same 2024, thus reinforcing the first of the leaks. 🤔
  • An important asterisk to value is that the 6 parts for the Solo Leveling anime are the intentions they have from the Korean branch in charge of the franchise. This means that things could change depending on the decisions made in Japan’s production committees, but at first it seems like it is a fairly viable plan. 🤗

The 6 seasons/parts thing has sounded like a lot to some fans of “Solo Leveling”, essentially because taking into account the pace at which the anime is adapting the original events it seems difficult to imagine that the story will be able to stretch for so much content. (after all, we would be talking about an anime of approximately 72 episodes). On the other hand, there are those who argue that expanding the stories of secondary characters and perhaps some original scenes might not be so far-fetched. In any case, what seems certain is that the “Solo Leveling” anime is going for a long time.

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