The Spanish dubbing of the anime already has a release date on Crunchyroll

Even though we are still in the first month of 2024, anime lovers are already enjoying the first big bombshell of the year: Solo Leveling. The long-awaited adaptation of the DUBU, Chugong and h-goon webtoon, by A-1 Pictures, received very good reviews after the premiere of its first two episodes, but the best is yet to come.

This series can be followed worldwide legally through Crunchyrolland as announced weeks ago, will have Spanish dubbing. Many already expected that they would be able to see Solo Leveling with voices in Latin, but the real surprise came with the confirmation that there would also be Spanish version. Now We already know when it will be available on the platform.

Solo Leveling: date and distribution of the Spanish dubbing in Spain

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  • This afternoon Crunchyroll shared all the information regarding the Spanish dubbing from Solo Leveling, the anime of the moment✅
  • The option to see the series with voices in Spanish from Spain will be available starting next January 20coinciding with the release of episode 3📅

Main cast of the Spanish version (from Spain) of Solo Leveling

  • Sung Jinwoo will have the voice of Masumi Mutsuda (N in Death Note, Hawks in My Hero Academia)⭐
  • Cha Hae-In be Martha Rodriguez (Yona in Akatsuki no Yona)⭐
  • Yoo Jinho will be interpreted by Sergio Olmo (Akira in ZOM 100)⭐
  • Choi Jong-In will have the voice of Lluis Nicolau (Magma in Dr. Stone)⭐

More confirmed actors/actresses

  • Go Gunhee be Xavi Martin
  • Lee Johee will have the voice of Lillian Rhodes
  • Song Chiyul will be interpreted by Xavi Fernandez Lopez
  • Park Beom Shik be Ferran Carnicero
  • Kim Sanghsik will have the voice of Eduard Doncos
  • Woo Jinchul will be interpreted by Rafa Calvo

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