The story of 86 (Eighty-Six) ​​enters its final arc, confirms the author of the novel

I think there is little doubt that “86” was clearly one of the best anime we could see in 2021. That war and science fiction story created by Asato Asato It left incredible moments of animation and drama that very few works have come close to since then. However, and also since then, There has been no further announcement regarding a second season… to the point that the notice has arrived earlier that the story is not far from its conclusion.

The author of 86 clarifies that the light novel does not have many dances left

Next I leave you with information that has been made public in the last few hours about the “86” light novel (via ANN):

  • It was a few days ago that in Japan light novel volume 13 was published of 86, and it is as a result of that that Asato Asato (the author of 86) has made public that 86 is now entering its final arc. 🤯
86 shin
86 was an intense anime like very few there are… will it return to action at some point?
  • Asato Asato has communicated that The final arc of 86 is officially called ‘District 86’, and will be the one that begins with the publication of volume 14 of the light novel. 😎
  • What does this mean for the franchise’s remaining uptime? Obviously at this point it is impossible to make a clear prediction about when 86 will definitively end. However, It seems safe to think that at least the story still has a couple of volumes left to go.. 🤗
  • For reference, I will remember that The first season of the anime (which was divided into 2 parts, with +20 episodes) was in charge of adapting the first 3 volumes of 86. Come on, if the anime returns at some point with similar ideas, it is clear that Asato Asato’s work will end up requiring about 4-5 seasons in its entirety. And what a blessing that would be. 🤩

As a final comment, I will say that taking into account that the “86” light novel usually adds 1-2 volumes annually (and that one has already been published this year), It seems likely to me that the publication will continue for the next 2 years or so. It is clear that things can always change, especially considering that we do not know Asato Asato’s intentions for the final arc of the novel. In any case, I personally hope that sooner rather than later we can count on the announcement of a new anime season.

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