The story of the best One Piece character from beginning to end

ANDThis Eagghead arc is surprising us all. Nobody imagined that the next step of One Piece was going to Future Island and meeting Dr. Vegapunk, much less anything to do with Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney.

With everything that has been revealed in the manga, the story of the ex-revolutionary, ex-king of Sorbet, ex-slave and ex-pirate It remains very diffuse and intermingled with other events. I mean, now we know everything from when Kuma was born until Luffy’s journey began but When was Kuma acting and when was he already a robot? We are going to solve that question with this complete summary of the life (and possible death) of the character of the year in One Piece.

Summary of the life of Bartholomew Kuma

Childhood as a slave

Kuma was born 47 years ago in the Sorbet kingdom being hidden by the doctor who helps his mother give birth because he belongs to the Buccaneer breed since his father, named Clapp was. But his (unnamed) mother didn’t.

Kuma and his family are enslaved by the Tenryūbito. Mother by Bartholomew go dead and his father tells him about Nikka. A Tenryūbito kills Clapp in front of Kuma.

Kuma is taken to God Valley to be a prey and prize in “The Population Eradication Tournament”. Over there meet Ivankov and Ginnyhe joins a group of people and they make a plan to get devil fruits and escape from the Island.

Bartholomew Kuma's childhood in one piece

Marines, World Nobles, the Knights of God, the Rocks Pirates (with Whitebeard, Rocks, Kaido, Big Mom and many more), the Roger Pirates and Monkey D. Garp gather on the island.

Bartholomew manages to eat the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and with it escape from the island saving by the way more than five hundred people.

Life in the Sorbet Kingdom

He arrives in the country of his childhood with Ivankov and Ginny but Ivankov goes on adventures around the world, leaving his little sister alone with the buccaneer. They have one quiet life and, at 17 years old, Kuma becomes a “priest” who draws out the pain of the island’s elderly and sick with his power. The problem is that Kuma must absorb that pain or he will end up returning to his original body.

youth Bartholomew Kuma in one piece

Ginny, 26 years old, proposes to him to Kuma (22 years old), that was 25 years ago. Bartholomew rejects her so as not to hurt her because of her race.

At 25 years old, The priest of Sorbet is imprisoned for treason to the Kingdom by defending the citizens before the King. He thus joins the Revolutionary Army with Dragon, Ivankov and many more to liberate their country.

as a revolutionary

Joins them to release Sorbet. Ginny follows him and they pass 8 years in their ranks going back and forth to the Sorbet kingdom to see how his friends are doing.

Bartholomew Kuma's adulthood in one piece

14 years ago, Ginny is kidnapped by someone from the World Government and she is forced to be the wife of a Tenryubito. Two years later, Ginny is freed of his slavery after contracting an unknown illness that prevented him from touching the sunlight. She sacrificed herself for reach the Sorbet Kingdom with Bonney and warned them by Den Den Mushi while Kuma teleported to where she was without hearing her last “I love you”.

Bonney comes into Kuma’s life also sick. They forbid him to leave the church while Bartholomew combines his life as a revolutionary as a Father and looking for a cure for his daughter. Kuma leaves the Revolutionary army.

As King of Sorbet

7 years ago, Bonney at 5 years old is diagnosed to die at 10 years old and Kuma lies to him saying that at that age he will be cured.

Bartholomew Kuma paternity in one piece

The king of Sorbet returns that they overthrew years ago. Bartholomew single-handedly overthrows the King and his henchmen and becomes the new monarch. Although he puts King Bulldog as the leader. The World Government makes propaganda against Kuma calling him a tyrant.

Bonney eats a devil fruit In unknown circumstances, the Toshi Toshi no mi. The former king tries again to recover the kingdom, Kuma sinks his entire fleet and receives a reward.

Like Pirate

Due to the bounty placed on his head, he had to flee and live as a pirate.. She traveled the world searching for a cure for Bonney. Meeting the Revolutionary Army, they put him in contact with Vegapunk to cure his daughter.

Bartholomew Kuma's journey in one piece

Vegapunk offers to cure Bonney if Kuma lets him study him and create the pacifists.. But Saint Jaygarcia Saturn forces him to lose consciousness and not see Bonney cured. since they will keep her captive while she heals. Furthermore, she must join the Shichibukai.

Like Shichibukai

Kuma accepts that they study with him, turn him into a cyborg, lose your consciousness and be a Navy dog. In essence, agrees to die for Bonney. He manages to have Bonney’s captivity while she is cured in the Sorbet church.

Vegapunk, Sentomaru, Kizaru, Kuma and Bonney live together for two years and they share many moments while he becomes a robot and his daughter is cured. Bonney goes to live in the Sorbet Kingdom and guarded by CP-8.

Bartholomew Kuma's friends in one piece celebrating

Bartholomew proceeds to live as a pirate affiliated with the navy and sending letters to his daughter that are intercepted by the government and never reach her. His intention was to give him “all the love of a lifetime” in two years..

3 years ago passes through the Goa Kingdom and sees Luffy from afar knowing that he is Dragon’s son and weakness. Bonney turns 9 and escapes from her house to go find her father.

Kuma follows her closely and takes care of her without them seeing each other. He is happy for Luffy’s achievements, whom he recognizes as the possible savior of the world and meets the pacifists. Meets at Mary Geoise after Crocodile’s defeat.

At Thriller Bark meet the Mugiwaras and the incident occurs where he transmits all of Luffy’s pain to Zoro. Then Keep an eye on Bonney in the Sabaody Archipelago and separate the Straw Hat Pirates so that everyone can improve and become stronger before returning to the new world.

the goodness of Bartholomew Kuma in one piece

Saturn asks Vegapunk to implant a self-destruct chip in Kuma. The scientist asks him if he can maintain the shichibukai’s consciousness since he has invented a switch so they can turn it off whenever they want.

Bartholomewfinally, He loses consciousness, leaving his memories in a big bubble. and wishing Bonney a happy 10th birthday. Before dying he asks Vegapunk to program him to protect the Thousand Sunny until some of Luffy’s fellow pirates arrive to protect him.

As a Pacifist

His first appearance without consciousness is in Marineford following Sentomaru’s orders. After the war he protected the ship from the mugiwaras for almost two years.

Bartholomew Kuma from one piece protecting the sunny

For his help to the pirates fHe was punished by becoming a hired slave in Mary Geoise thus going to Levely as a slave. Over there The Revolutionaries kidnap himspecifically Morley.


current Bartholomew Kuma in one piece

The Revolutionaries tried to help Kuma to recover his individuality. While they were healing him, Kuma got up and started running and use your powers until colliding with the Red Line and climb it, reaching the top and confronting Akainu who wanted to stop him and capture him again. Bartholomew He took a lot of damage but used his fruit to escape..

This is all we know so far, theories say that Kuma will die by self-destructing to harm Saturn and help defeat him or help his allies escape Egghead.

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