The team behind the anime feels ‘threatened’ by the Netflix remake

The One Piece“, he remake from Eiichiro Oda’s legendary work, was announced during the last Jump Festa 2024 as what, in retrospect, was the biggest announcement of the entire event. Because this is so, absolutely no one expected that such a project would be revealed and on top of that with a study like WIT Studio in charge. Now they have arrived the first reactions from some individuals very involved with the classic “One Piece” anime, and obviously not everything is laughter.

Current animators believe that the remake will cover up their own anime

It has been the team of AnimeHunch which has echoed a series of comments from Hiromi Ishigami, who for a good season worked on the episodic anime of “One Piece.” This is what Ishigami-san shared through his networks:

  • Basically, Ishigami-san shows so much curiosity to see what the remake of One Piece will be like (something logical considering the appreciation he has for the franchise), as sadness for what it will mean for the work they have been doing for years on the main anime of the franchise. 😥
  • Ishigami-san thinks that The remake will take weight away from the anime being worked on today, and in turn it will prevent many from starting to see the classic since they will surely jump directly to the remake because it is a more modern production. 😶
  • After these comments, many One Piece fans decided to support Ishigami-san ensuring that the work they have done over the years would not be lost, and that many would surely continue betting on the original. The animator, ultimately, thanked all the support shown. 🥰

I think it’s easy to see where the insecurity of the people who have worked on these two decades of “One Piece” anime comes from, and that is that in the end The biggest barrier to entry that exists for Eiichiro Oda’s manga adaptation is the fact of having to consume +1000 episodes of content. Obviously, with the remake starting from the East Blue saga, this will become a much easier adaptation for current generations to follow. However, I think you have to consider the possibility that those who had never started the anime before were not going to do so at this point, so The remake may become a door that ends up benefiting all “One Piece” entities.

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