The unpleasant menstruation scene in Jujutsu Kaisen that has left everyone speechless

Nobara is a peculiar girl, not to mention that she is like a cowbell. Obviously to appear in a story like “Jujutsu Kaisen“Some screw must be missing, but it was especially strange how in episode 43 She seemed out of place compared to all the people in her town. Who wouldn’t like to have a good relationship in a small town? Well in the end one ends up understanding it, and the anime showed us one of the most intrusive and violent parts of certain regions of Japanese culture.

The ‘Sekihan’ to celebrate a girl’s first menstruation

In case anyone is not very clear about the moment I am talking about, I leave you an image of it below:

jujutsu kaisen
Red rice cooked to ‘celebrate’ a girl’s first menstruation

And if anyone is still amazed by this, I will comment on everything in depth below:

  • As you point out @kylescouterhe ‘Sekihan‘or red rice is something that is traditionally cooked in Japan to celebrate when a girl goes through her first period. 😶
  • Tradition may be uncomfortable enough with what it entails, but what makes it absurdly intrusive is the fact that The grandmother who presents the rice does so without prior notice and is simply a neighbor. 😧
  • This is precisely what Nobara was talking about: the village she lived in as a child was so absurdly small that there was no privacy or any kind of personal barriers. Everyone knew everyone and everyone knew everything about everyone. 😅
  • That a neighbor’random‘can bring a rice to celebrate menstruation without the menstruating girl having the slightest idea that it represents the level of intrusion that caused Nobara to kill everyone’s cap. 🙄
  • Because in certain contexts, personally I can come to understand tradition minimally as something that really wants to be celebrated without any harm, but one starts to think and the only conclusion one reaches is how terribly uncomfortable it all is. 😨

If knowing that this is a legitimate Japanese tradition, it still seems a bit bizarre to me, the moment I saw it in the anime I jumped to ‘team Nobara‘ in terms of opinions without a second’s hesitation. There are traditions of yesteryear that, being very sorry, due to the attachment that some may have to them, we have to leave them behind, and this truth seems to me to be one of them. In fact, I assume that currently in urban areas of Japan this is something that practically should never happen anymore. But in rural areas… as always it can be another world.

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