The Zom 100 anime reaches the end of its season 1, has it been worth the wait?

It was only a few days ago that Crunchyroll finally received the final episodes of season 1 of the “Zom 100” anime, some that took a LONG time to wait. More specifically, it has been about 3 months for the first project of BUG Films would end up reaching that final stretch that has been so long for the studio. That is why I think it is pertinent to ask the following question now: Has the long wait for the end of “Zom 100” been worth it?

Yes and no; all the good and bad of the end of Zom 100

The truth is, I think There are both lights and shadows of the anime’s closingand it doesn’t cost too much to highlight them all.

The good thing about the end of the first season of Zom 100

  • The last arc has absolutely everything that makes this zombie anime special: drama, humor and above all the most unlikely action that one can imagine in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. 🤣
  • The anime has continued to perfectly use the ‘excuse’ of zombies to really talk about what the work is looking for: the problems of Japanese society and how a series of conditions can turn anyone into a time bomb. 😶
Zom 100
  • Akira receives a catharsis that he greatly needed, especially in memory of the first bars of the anime. In addition, a great deal of parent-child relationships. 😉
  • The story ends in a tremendously positive note and with renewed energy for all its characters. If it is decided to give the green light to a season 2 (and there is material for it), the truth is that the path to follow is VERY clearly marked. 🤔

The bad thing at the end of the first season of Zom 100

  • While I do think it was worth the wait in terms of narrative and character development, I don’t see it from the technical section. 🤨
  • Are the final episodes of Zom 100 low quality? Well no. But they are not exactly what you would expect from a small package that arrives 3 months late, which once again makes it clear that BUG Films’ production schedule for its first project was anything but adequate. 😅
zom 100
  • Precisely, the final episodes of season 1 of Zom 100 They remind one technically more of when the production began to leave its moments of glory than what we saw during its peak.. That is to say, the most likely thing is that by the time episodes 10, 11 and 12 were supposed to be broadcast, BUG Films had practically nothing of this content ready. 🙄

After this, the big question that remains in the air is Whether “Zom 100” will have the opportunity to receive a second anime season and, if so, when it will premiere. It is clear that all the production problems of this first season should not exactly help prolong the adaptation, but in the same way we are talking about an anime that came out of nowhere to quickly become VERY well known. Personally I would maintain hope, but always regulating expectations.

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