there are plans for it to have an anime

Kagurabachi“He has experienced a few months of incredible intensity, and has gone from abandoning the status of meme to being considered one of the current promises of manga culture. With the launch of its physical format in Japan, an exciting stage also begins for its creator, Takeru Hokazono, to the point that he has been one of those chosen to be interviewed on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Manga Plus. Although it is not his words that should be highlighted on this occasion.

Kagurabachi has ambitions of becoming an anime

He has been the editor of “Kagurabachi”, Takuro Imamurawho is also known for being involved in works such as “My Hero Academia” or “Ayakashi Triangle”, which has left some VERY interesting words about what they expect from “Kagurabachi” in the future.

  • It was in the question of the future plans for Kagurabachi that the editor Imamura-san has spoken loud and clear: the ultimate goal is to make Kagurabachi an anime. 😎
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If Kagurabachi continues to grow, having an anime seems like a very real option
  • The editor begins by saying that, logically, The most immediate objective they have is to ensure that the popularity of Kagurabachi continues to grow as a manga.. Imamura-san acknowledges that their popularity internationally is overwhelming at this point, and that they would love to achieve the same in Japan. 🤔
  • It is at this point that Imamura-san confesses the following: ‘Eventually, our goal is to make (Kagurabachi) become an anime‘. Obviously, the editor is aware that without the support of international fans, considering something like this would not even be possible, so he appreciates all the affection received and assures that They would never have imagined that Kagurabachi would grow so big on the other side of the pond. 🤗

In case there are any doubts, I think it is necessary to clarify the point that THERE IS NO ANIME IN PRODUCTION currently regarding “Kagurabachi”. What was expressed by the manga editor are the clear intentions they have for the future of the franchise, and obviously if everything continues as it has been until now, it is most likely that an announcement could come even between the end of the present 2024 and next 2025 (this estimate is already my speculation). After all, The name “Kagurabachi” is already starting to appear in future anime pools, so if you are part of the fandom, get ready, because this has only just begun.

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