These are all the keys and revelations of the SBS of Volume 108 of the manga

This week a new volume of the One Piece mangaand that means that we will receive a new SBS. What the hell is that? This is a Questions and Answers column in which Eiichiro Oda, author of the work, resolves fans’ doubts while providing some canon details about the lore.

What new information awaits us on the SBS for volume 108 of One Piece? Well, the truth is that we already know, well the insiders were responsible for leaking its contents ahead of time.

The keys to SBS 108 of One Piece

Below I present a selection of the highlights that are included in the new SBS of the One Piece manga, with data and images shared by the insider Pewpiece:

1. New message from Eiichiro Oda

The author of One Piece usually begins each SBS with a paragraph in which he speaks directly to readers about a specific topic, and in the case of volume 108 it is about “the different flavors of tears”.

“It is said that the taste of tears can be very different. They say that tears of joy and sadness taste sweet. They say that tears of frustration and anger taste salty. When I draw people’s crying faces, I always include them somewhere the expression of resistance that indicates ‘I don’t want to cry’. Are there people who cry because they want to cry? I want to live my life without shedding any tears other than those of joy. Volume 108 begins now!”


2. A ‘What if’ about Garling’s hairstyle

A reader asks Oda-sensei about What would happen if Saint Figarland Garling let his hair and beard grow uncontrollably?. The result would be that they would end up coming together forming a circle, as the author shows through a sketch.


3. Another ‘What if’ about Ivankov and his fruit

Another user asked the mangaka what Emporio Ivankov would have looked like if he had eaten the Uo Uo Fruit: a seiryu model that finally ended up in the hands of Kaido. Oda chose to illustrate it with a rather… disturbing drawing.


4. Roger’s sword in human form

A guy who was excited to discover that Gol D. Roger’s sword was called “Ace” (like her son), asked the author of One Piece to please draw her as if she had a real human body. Seeing that this request is not the first time he has appeared, she made another drawing of what Ace’s anthropomorphic form would be like (He looks a lot like Kizaru).


5. Mihawk’s depressing past

One reader was struck by Crocodile calling Mihawk “Marine Hunter”, which led him to wonder if this is related to him later joining the Shichibukai.

Oda took the opportunity to inform us all about this character’s past. It turns out that Mihawk holds a great grudge against the Navy for a great betrayal he suffered in the past.and To avoid their persecutions and live in peace, he decided to join the Shichibukai.

And since this organization no longer exists, the swordsman chose to join Buggy the Clown to live “in his shadow.” You can consult more details in the next link.


6. Does Morgans belong to the Mink tribe?

This question seems pretty good to me. Have any of you wondered what race Morgans belong to? Well, a reader did, and the creator of One Piece listened to him and thought of clarifying this issue once and for all.

It turns out that among the Mink there are no flying species, only humanoid animals with fluffy fur exist. In reality Morgans, the director of the most famous newspaper in the world of One Piece, is a HUMAN who obtained the appearance of a bird after consuming the Bird Bird Fruit: Albatross model. It’s a user!

What will its real appearance be like?

one piece

7. Which pirate crew does the girl who hugs Shanks belong to?

Months ago, in one of the chapters in which Shanks appears, we could see how a young woman rushed towards him to hug him with great affection. And as it could not be otherwise, a user was interested in this small detail and wanted to ask Oda about the girl’s identity.

The author of One Piece commented that it is Linaria, from the Butterfly Pirates. When she was a child she was saved by Shanks, and this sparked a desire in her to idolize him and go to sea as a pirate. She is about a dangerous arsonist whose motto is “I’ll follow Shanks!”


8. Oda’s umpteenth ‘nonsense’

As This last question is quite “strange” I’m going to leave you directly with the translation:

  • Reader:Ode please help me! When I tell my girlfriend to please shoot me with her “Nipple Light”, she doesn’t stop! What should I do?
  • Ode: Please shoot me too! Flash!

No comments right?


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