These are Sung Jinwoo’s most powerful abilities in the anime

Solo Leveling“is close to saying goodbye to his anime and with it to all the atrocities that Sung Jinwoo has left us in these 3 months. Because the ‘little leap’ of going from being the weakest hunter of all to one capable of taking care of a hunter rank B on his own, well, things as they are, it’s quite remarkable. And that’s why today I want to talk about the most powerful abilities that Sung Jinwoo has brought out in the anime.

Sung Jinwoo, a beast without limits in combat

There are several ways to talk about Sung Jinwoo’s combat skills, so Better to divide this into parts (because as we are told, the protagonist of “Solo Leveling” does not respond to the logic of the world of hunters).

Almost unlimited growth

The first thing that catches Sung Jinwoo’s attention the most is the fact that he has a level and attributes as if it were a video game character. Unlike other hunters, Sung Jinwoo’s Second Awakening allows him to constantly grow stronger as he trains and defeats powerful rivals. This way, Sung Jinwoo can make sure NOT HAVE A SINGLE WEAK POINT, since he can just as perfectly use his experience points to increase offensive as defensive attributes. It is, for all intents and purposes, an incredibly versatile hunter that can handle any terraineven if he is logically more adept as a kind of assassin.

only leveling
The system that only Sung Jinwoo can use and that makes him grow non-stop in combat

Unlimited inventory

Another quality that makes Sung Jinwoo a unique hunter is the fact that he can have access to an inventory in which to store all kinds of objects and, at the same time, which can be accessed at any time. Although it seems like a tremendously basic skill, the reality is that being the only one who has an advantage of this nature gives you a wild margin of error. We have already seen on more than one occasion how Sung Jinwoo has used recovery items with which you can fully restore your status and health points (something that, logically, has taken more than one person by surprise).

only leveling
Sung Jinwoo gets rewards in the form of items that ONLY HE can use

Supernatural resilience

Sung Jinwoo possesses an unusual recovery ability. Not only is it completely immune to poisons and many effect states, but can also recover from wounds in record time and, more surprisingly, even regenerate lost limbs. This means that in an even fight in which the winner is the last man standing, Sung Jinwoo is an enemy that is absolutely impossible to defeat.

only leveling
Sung Jinwoo woke up in the hospital to find… that his leg had grown back

Intimidating Bloodlust

The protagonist of “Solo Leveling” is capable of channel your bloodlust into combat and activate it as a tremendously powerful special ability. With this ability active, he is able to instill a state of terror upon the enemy and reduce their overall stats overwhelmingly. Thus, unless the enemy has some type of special immunity to these types of effects, he will be completely at Sung Jinwoo’s mercy to finish him off without difficulty.

leveling only
Sung Jinwoo’s intimidation ability savagely nerfs his enemies

And this is just the beginning for Sung Jinwoo. As he completes battles, overcomes dungeons and becomes stronger, it is clear that the protagonist of “Solo Leveling” will continue to unlock new skills and advantages that will catapult him as a hunter.. Even so, the truth is that everything Sung Jinwoo has achieved is already more than enough to turn him into a hunter who can perfectly be the point of attack of many groups of hunters.

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