These are the anime premieres of A-1 Pictures for 2024

A-1 Pictures is one of the companies that offers outstanding quality in its animes, however in the last two years Its reputation was somewhat damaged due to several production problems that affected important series. NieR Automata and 86 were two works whose final stretch was VERY hindered by these inconveniences, so In 2024, fans of the studio hope that this will not happen again.

What kind of animated series is A-1 Pictures preparing for the new year? It’s time to review it.

Mashle Season 2 – January 6

mashle season 2 date and trailer (1)

A-1 Pictures will start the new year with lThe second season of one of the funniest animes of 2023. The good of Mashle He will continue his adventures in the magical world (which is not at all inspired by Harry Potter) while he will face powerful new opponents. Will he continue to rise to become a renowned magician?

It can be seen exclusively through Crunchyroll.

Solo Leveling – January 7

This studio is also responsible for animating one of the heavyweights of 2024. Solo Leveling is the most read south korean webtoon in history, and currently has millions of fans around the world. After a long time demanding an anime adaptation, it is finally about to be officially released. And if A-1 Pictures is behind the project, we can expect outstanding animation.

NieR: Automata Ver1.1a Part 2 – Undated

NieR Automata Ver1.1a 9S

After hitting the table in the world of video games, NieR: Automata is ready to do the same in the anime field. The first part of this series was seen weighed down by production problems and many delaysnevertheless Nobody questions its quality and its interesting additions..

As a fan of the original Yoko Taro gameI’m looking forward to knowing how to adapt the multiple endings of the plot major.

Fate/strange Fake – Undated


What of Fate/strange Fake It’s curious to say the least. This work began as a mere joke by the creator of the franchise, and between one thing and another, it ended up becoming popular to the point of having its own light novel series and even a TV special. This animated episode was so successful that those responsible for the saga gave the green light to the production of a complete anime. And this project is in the hands of A-1 Pictures.

Eisen Flügel – Undated


Maybe the title doesn’t sound familiar to you. Eisen Flügelbut I am convinced that you will know who Gen Urobuchi is, the co-author of his light novels. The creator of Psycho-Pass and Fate/Zero, and screenwriter of Madoka Magicaan animated adaptation of this fantasy work that mixes dragons and military planes.

Uta no Prince-sama Movie: Maji Love Quartet Night Chapter – Undated


And finally we have the third film in a franchise that is SCREAMING in the land of the rising sun. Uta no Prince-sama will expand its universe of boy bands and J-Pop music through a new feature film that promises to dazzle fans of Josei’s works (manga and anime aimed at adult female audiences).

And what could arrive in 2025?

The logical thing would be to think that in the coming years A-1 Pictures plans to produce more seasons for Solo Leveling, as it aims to become its new flagship. Beyond this, by 2025 I would expect a continuation of Lycoris Recoilhe ending of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War and the sequel to 86 eighty-six.

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