These are the anime premieres of WIT Studio for 2024

Like last year, 2023 was a spectacular year for animation studios of the caliber of MAPPA and Toei Animation, which stood out both in the field of series and films. However, that does not mean that other companies such as WIT Studio They left the pavilion high.

In fact, the 2024 This study looks fantastic, since They currently have a total of 7 projects underway (confirmed). Four of them will arrive this year, while the other three may not be released until 2025. What works are they and when will they be released? Let’s go over it.

Great Pretender: razbliuto – February 23

great pretend razbliuto asasa (1)

WIT Studio’s first series for next year is in fact the sequel to one of its latest hits. Great Pretender: razbliuto (sequel to El Timador Timado) will tell a new story that will revolve around the plans and misdeeds of world-class con artists.

Spy x Family Code: WHITE – 2024

Although this film is already available in theaters in Japan, its Western release will not occur until sometime in 2024. Crunchyroll already confirmed at the time that it would be in charge of distributing the Forger film in the theaters of dozens of countries around the world, so we have to wait.

From Japan they already say that this original feature film is very fun and is doing great at the box office!

Moonrise – 2024

moonrise anime

Moonrise is a completely original science-fiction anime that will premiere on Netflix in 2024. The curious thing is that WIT Studio collaborated with the famous mangaka Hiromu Arakawa (author of Fullmetal Alchemist) to design the characters. Here the story will be told Jack, a young man who swears revenge against the Moon Rebels after his family was taken from him.

Isekai Suicide Squad – 2024

suicide squad isekai december (1)

WIT Studio will also be in charge of surprising the entire world with one of the most atypical collaborations in recent years: they will be in charge of creating an isekai anime with the characters of the Suicide Squad from DC Comics. Harley Quinn, Deadshot and company will have to survive in a fantasy world.

Grimm – Undated


Now we enter the series that at the moment do not have a confirmed release date. The first is Grimmother totally original work (its story does not come from any manga, novel or game) which will also be broadcast exclusively through Netflix.

This work will have CLAMP designs (Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits) and with a script by Michiko Yokote (Naruto, Bleach, Gintama)

Ascendance of a Bookworm – Undated

Myne Ascendance of a Bookworm

This was one of the most recent surprises that the studio gave us. Ascendance of a Bookworm is an anime that, until now, received three anime seasons from Ajia-do. Nevertheless The announcement of Season 4 came with something unexpected: WIT Studio will take the reins of the series.

The One Piece – Undated


And at the end we have the jewel in the crown, the last big announcement of WIT Studio. Weeks ago it was revealed that this company is working with Netflix and Eiichiro Oda to remake One Piece.

This series, titled “The One Piece” will seek to be very faithful to the original manga (omitting all types of filler) and provide a new visual identity to the story we all know. Will it arrive in 2024? That is something that remains to be seen.

And what could arrive in 2025?

WIT Studio employees have many pending tasks between now and 2025, so it is not easy to anticipate what kind of projects they have planned for later. If I had to choose some, perhaps I would say new seasons of Spy x Family and Osama Rankingbut both manga need to advance further so that there is more material to adapt.

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