These are the animes and mangas it recommends in 2023

Tatsuki Fujimoto has shared his usual annual list with the content that he has enjoyed the most in recent months

Tatsuki Fujimoto He has been one of the most respected authors for years in terms of the manga industry, and has given birth to something like “Chainsaw Man” has completely changed his position in the sector (not to mention after hits like “Look Back” or “Goodbye Eri”). So, as in other years, Fujimoto-sensei has recently left us with the works that you have enjoyed the most in 2023, a series of recommendations that range from animes to live-action movies.

All the recommendations from the author of Chainsaw Man for this 2023

The truth is that the author of “Chainsaw Man” has not cut corners in the recommendations, so below I break down everything you mentioned (via AnimeHunch):

  • The animes you enjoyed the most in 2023:
    • Scott Pilgrim takes the leap
    • FLCL: Shoegaze
  • The mangas that you enjoyed the most in 2023:
    • Welcome Back, Alice
    • PriaL
    • Chi No Wadachi (Traces of Blood)
    • MamaYuyu
    • Rock
    • Midori no Yokantachi
    • school back
    • Utsukushii Kare
  • The live action films that you have enjoyed the most in 2023:
    • Godzilla Minus One
    • Pearl
    • Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos
    • The Menu
    • Nope
    • Alice to Therese no Maboroshi Koujou
    • Elementary
    • Shin Jigen! Crayon Shin-chan
    • The Wandering Moon
  • As for video games, Its only mention is Thank you for sharing your worldwhich is an experience oriented to Virtual Reality in which an environment is recreated to show How people with limited visibility live in their daily lives. You can even find it in Steamalthough it is only available in English and Japanese.

I’m not going to deny it, I am quite surprised by some mentions by the author of “Chainsaw Man”, such as “FLCL: Shoegaze”. It was precisely because of the failure of both this anime and ‘Grunge’ that it was ultimately announced that There was NO more “FLCL” anime going to be produced, so either he really enjoyed it or it’s all an exercise in nostalgia. In any case, if in 2023 you haven’t had much of an idea of ​​what to see or read as the months go by, you might be interested in some of the recommendations that Fujimoto-sensei has made… no matter how curious they may be in some cases.

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