These are the dates of chapters 1102 and 1103

In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating one of the most beloved and famous holidays in the world: Christmas. Millions of people will take a few days off to rest and be with family, and of course, this will affect release calendars from many of our favorite animes and mangas. And this includes One Piece.

Both SHUEISHA and Toei Animation usually modify their plans to adapt to the Christmas period and give their employees a break. Eiichiro Oda is currently working on Chapter 1102 of One Piece, But when will it come out? Will it be the last one in 2023 or will there be another one? It’s time to clear up these doubts.

This will be the month of December for the One Piece manga

  • According to information shared by insiders such as Pewpiece, One Piece manga will enter a new weekly break starting next Sunday❌
  • This means that Chapter 1102 will not arrive until December 24Christmas Eve📅
  • Seven days later it’s the end of the year and Weekly Shonen Jump will be taking a general break, so chapter 1103 will be the first of 2024 being scheduled for Sunday January 7th📅
  • And it must also be taken into account that On December 17, a One Piece panel will be held at Jump Festawhere Oda-sensei could share an image of chapter 1103 in addition to sharing a “roadmap” of what we can expect from the manga in 2024❗❗
one piece 2
  • In short, this is all the information you should know:
    • December 17: One Piece panel at Jump Festa (info on the manga in 2024 and possible image of chapter 1103)
    • Dec. 24: premiere of chapter 1102
    • January 7th: chapter 1103 exit

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