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These are the favorite songs of Bocchi the Rock fans!

The popular Japanese medium netlab carried out a survey among its readers asking them for their favorite songs shown in the production of the franchise Bocchi the Rock!. the sleeve of Aki Hamaji It has been published since 2018, and was adapted into animation in 2022, attracting a great deal of attention around the world. Therefore, the survey was carried out between January 24 and 30 of this year, collecting a total of 10,735 participations.

First place went to the song “If I Could be a Constellation (星座になれたら)“. In the last episode of the anime, she was portrayed during the Shuka Institute’s cultural festival, which the protagonist Hitori Gotou attends. The lyric video was posted on YouTube on December 25, and has already surpassed more than 6 million cumulative views. The various thoughts behind the lyrics of this popular song have given rise to numerous opinions.

The results were:

10. Distortion!!

9. Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu

8. Nani ga Warui



5. Seishun Complex

4. Anus Band

3. Wasurete Yaranai

2. Guitar to Kodoku to Aoihoshi

1. Seiza ni Naretara

Fountain: netlab | Bocchi the Rock! / Kessoku Band

The entrance These are the favorite songs of the fans of Bocchi the Rock! was first published on Kudasai.

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