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These are the One Piece arcs that will be adapted in Netflix’s live action


Soon we will have new news about the series live action of one piece what are you preparing Netflix and many of us wonder about the arcs that it will adapt. Although not much information has been shared about the story, we do have some details that help us know what we are facing. This is above all thanks to all the cast confirmations and the series promotionals, in which we see some of the locations.

What arcs does Netflix’s One Piece live action adapt?

One Piece is divided into 10 sagas (We are talking about the anime, since in the manga the latter has already ended and the final has begun). These are: the East Blue, Alabasta, skype, Water 7, Thriller Park, war at the top, Fishman Island, dressrosa, whole cake Y Wano Country. Well, in this first season of the anime we will only see what is related to East Blue, although there is a but.

Two important characters that we may not see in the series

Among the entire cast of confirmed characters we do not find two important figures within the Loguetown arc and these are smoker Y tashigi. With the two episodes of the anime dedicated to the Buggy crew before Smoker’s appearance, we have more doubts about whether or not we will see them adapted in any way in the first season. And it is that Buggy and some of his nakama have a confirmed cast, the clown being played by Jeff Ward.

With this in mind, we return to the ‘but‘ from before… And it seems that in this first season of the live action Netflix’s one piece we won’t see all the arches of the East Blue. Not knowing anything about the cast of Smoker and Tashigi, there is nothing to indicate that we can see the Loguetown arc, unless they leave it as a surprise (something like that extra from the live action of Sandman that premiered after launching the series).

Everything indicates that they plan to do many seasons to fully adapt the entire manga because not even East Blue, which is one of the shortest, will fit in a single season. At the moment, although we are not going to have Chopper, Robin, Brook either Frankie In the series, we will see the recruitment of other legends such as Zoro, usopp, Sanji Y Namiwhich will accompany luffy on his journey through the sea to find the greatest treasure of all and be the King of the pirates.

Some events in the series will not be ordered as in the One Piece manga or anime.

It has also been said that like the anime, the Netflix series does not have to follow 100% the order in which things are told in the manga. And let’s not be alarmed, this doesn’t mean we’re going to meet Brook before Thriller Bark or that Trafalgar Law going to be present in Arlong Park. Let’s remember that this also happened in the anime, here are some examples:

In the manga we see the flashbacks Luffy as a child with Shanks in it chapter 1while in the anime it is not until the episode 4. And it is that with the flashbacks of Zoro and Kuina the same thing also happens, that we see them just before the arc of the Baratie Restaurant. So it would be small things that would change their order of appearing in the live action of one piece. Also remember that everything is approved by Eiichiro Odathe mangaka behind One Piece, who also in showrunner from the Netflix show.

The arcs that we will not see in Netflix’s One Piece live action

If you are wondering if in this adaptation they are going to do without some bow that may seem like filler, the answer is no; at least in this first season. All cast members belong to some East Blue arc. Also, all of these are very important to the story because in each of them we will meet a nakama from Luffy’s crew.

As I said before, the Millennium Dragon arc, which goes right after Loguetown, is dispensable because it is totally filler, created from scratch for the anime. This doesn’t add anything to the main story beyond seeing more interactions between the Straw hat before crossing the Red Line. If we finally don’t see Loguetown in this season 1, don’t worry, they will surely leave it for season 2, it is a very important arc.


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