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They are 2 out of 2 in terms of live-action anime Netflix in this last calendar year, although personally I have to say that “One Piece“I liked it a lot more than not”Yuyu Hakusho“Even so, the reality is that the adaptation of the story of the spiritual detectives has become another new hit for Netflix, and this is reflected series viewing data since it premiered on December 14th around the world.

Netflix Shares Yu Yu Hakusho Viewing Data, and It’s Really Good

It has been the team of ANN the one that has collected the information shared by Netflix about the live-action of “Yu Yu Hakusho”, and as I say the situation seems to be very promising:

  • The live-action Yu Yu Hakusho became the most watched (non-English) series for two weeks after its original premiere, while three weeks later it has already dropped to fifth position in the Netflix catalog. 😎
yu yu hakusho live action netflix (1)
The guys from Yu Yu Hakusho have ended up being a success in the Netflix catalog
  • In additionin specific figures The following numbers are used for viewing:
    • At its premiere, which is counted from December 18 to 24 Even though it was the 14th, they accumulated 6.2 million views for the series.
    • Total viewing hours rose to 26.1 millionand this allowed us to see live-action as the fifth most viewed series IN THE WORLD during said weeks.
    • On the other hand, of December 25 to 31 were 2.6 million viewers those who watched the Yu Yu Hakusho series.
    • That led us to 11 million hours watched with an average viewing time of 4 hours and 11 minutes (exactly the same as from the 18th to the 24th), which means that the vast majority of us watched almost the entire series in one sitting (with only 5 episodes inviting this).
  • Despite these data, Netflix has not yet made any comments regarding a second season of the live-action. And knowing the content that remains ahead of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga, it is easy to imagine that the adaptation could continue if desired. 🤔

I would love it if the second season of the live-action “Yu Yu Hakusho” was announced, although I would really like it if this time so many changes weren’t made at the story level.. From the depiction of ‘that’ character’s death to the omission of the tournaments at the beginning of the anime; All of this ended up leaving a bittersweet taste in my mouth even though the overall set didn’t look bad at all. In any case, the only certainty is that the sign of potential failure can now be removed from this live-action.

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