These have been the 30 best mangas of 2023, according to a prestigious Japanese magazine

Da Vinci magazine returns one more year to leave its grain of sand in a market as populated as the manga market.

The manga industry is one that has an immense number of active jobs, and while many of these will enjoy success and a good lifespan, others will fail and be canceled after a few months. This is what a market as wild as this one has, and that is why it is so important that magazines like Da Vinci make known the most notable annual works, in case more than one may have been overlooked.

Da Vinci magazine publishes the 30 best manga of 2023

Without further ado, I leave you with the list they have collected. from MangaMogura and through which Da Vinci’s different choices have been made known.

The 3 best mangas of 2023

  1. Ikoku Nikki
  2. The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy at All
  3. One Piece

Well no, “One Piece” has not been chosen as the ‘Manga of the Year’ for Da Vinci, but in this case the honor falls to “Ikoku Nikki“, followed by “The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy At All”.

As with “One Piece” I understand that little needs to be said at this point, I will leave you with the synopses of the two works that have passed before the work of Eiichiro Oda:

  • Ikoku Nikki: The story revolves around a 35-year-old novelist named Makio and her 15-year-old niece Asa. After her niece’s parents die, Makio decides to take her in… although she soon remembers that she’s not exactly good at being around people. Thus, Makio must learn to live in company while Asa gets used to sharing a home with an adult who…she has little of it..
  • The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn’t a Guy at All: Aya Oosawa, a high school Gal, often stops by a record store and ends up catching the clerk, who has black hair and always wears a hood and a mask. However, there is a problem-the clerk is actually her classmate’s nerd, Mitsuki Koga. How will Aya react to finding out that the person she likes isn’t really a boy?

The rest of the best mangas of 2023 according to Da Vinci magazine

In this exact order it is How Da Vinci has related the rest of the 2023 mangas after their first 3 selections:

  1. Tsuyukusa Natsuko No Issho
  2. Oshi no Ko
  3. Sangatsu no Lion
  4. Onna no Sono no Hoshi
  5. Detective Conan
  6. Skip to Loafer
  7. Zeiken by Katta Hon
  8. Mystery to Iu Nakare
  9. Sousou no Frieren
  10. Chihayafuru
  11. Jujutsu Kaisen
  12. Bungou Stray Dogs
  13. Kamisama” no Iru Ie by Sodachimashita: Shuukyou 2-sei no Watashitachi
  14. Chi no Wadachi
  15. Kingdom
  16. Spy x Family
  17. Ie ga Suki na Hito
  18. Juuhan Shutai!
  19. Nippon Sangoku
  20. Kusuri no Mamono no Kaiko Riyuu
  21. Hirayasumi
  22. Last Karte
  23. World Trigger
  24. Medalist
  25. Umi ga Hashiru Endroll
  26. Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu
  27. Haibaiyoushi Mizuiro

It makes you think that at New York Comic-Con the winner (for the third year in a row) was the “Chainsaw Man” manga and yet in the Da Vinci awards it is not even mentioned. Either some have judged it very harshly or the others have not bothered much to explore the works that were generating the most interest in Japan in recent months. In any case, the best thing about these awards is potentially discovering new jobs that can accompany you for a long time, so enjoy.

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