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They claim that MAPPA failed by giving only 12 episodes to Chainsaw Man

the japanese portal myjitsu shared an article pointing out that on social networks in Japan the low number of sales achieved by the first Blu-ray / DVD of Chainsaw Man (low, if compared with the immense popularity of the work). However, some point out that it was “the expected result”, because MAPPA decided to adapt only the introductory arc of the work.

Chainsaw Man

«The first Blu-ray/DVD of the “Chainsaw Man” anime was released on January 27, and has attracted attention on social media due to its sales numbers. As a result, the series’ director, Ryuu Nakayama, has been criticized on social media, but It seems that some think that “this was the most obvious result”».

«“Chainsaw Man” is a manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, in the “dark fantasy” genre and published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The story centers on Denji, the protagonist who makes a contract with the Chainsaw Demon, and who defeats other demons with the help of his companions.».

«The anime project spanned up to chapter 38 of the original work, in the fifth compiled volume. Taken together, it covers the entire “Katana Man Arc”, and puts an emphasis on characters like Aki Hayakawa and Himeno. However, the “Katana Man Arc” is considered to be an introductory arc to the entire “Chainsaw Man” story. Even when that arc was running in Weekly Shonen Jump, “Chainsaw Man” wasn’t that relevant at that point, and was hovering around tenth in the index, an order that responds to public reception.».

«When “Chainsaw Man” was released on paper, the high point of popularity came with the so-called “Reze Arc”, which starts immediately after the “Katana Man Arc”. The story focuses on Denji and a new character, Reze, who star in what some call “the best story”, not only of “Chainsaw Man”, but of all Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works in general.».

«In other words, the anime adaptation, which covers the story of the “Katana Man Arc”, probably could not bet on success with a story considered uninteresting by fans of the original work. For this reason, comments such as: “Even in the original manga, the first few arcs aren’t that interesting. The real story begins after Katana Man“; “Let’s just say that Katana Man and his bow are quite an introduction to the play, which quickly becomes interesting with the appearance of Reze.“; and “The low sales are understandable, if they had continued to Reze, they would have sold much more».

«If the second season of the anime is made, there is no doubt that it will start directly with the “Reze Arc”, something that would lead the project to unimaginable popularity. It’s quite possible that this will happen, or they might want to save it for a movie. However, on the other hand, there is also concern whether the director will continue to be in charge of the project. Ryuu Nakayama incorporated a “very Japanese movie” production style when creating the adaptation, but he alienated a section of fans by introducing this vision into an anime work.».

«For example, comments on networks like “For the next one, bring out Nakayama-san.” and “A different director for the Arch of Reze is the best decision” have been a constant. In addition, since December last year, a petition has been circulating on “Change.Org” to remake the “Chainsaw Man” anime project with a new director, and more than 3,000 signatures have reached the sheet. In the future, it will be interesting to see the results of the second season, to see if the fans of the original work are finally pleased.».

Fountain: myjitsu

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