They compare the life expectancy of a mangaka with the average Japanese

The deaths of authors such as Kentarou Miura and more recently Akira Toriyama reveal the terrifying nature of the profession

We always talk about how the profession of mangaka is much harder than the ‘simple’ art of illustration lets on: Irregular sleep schedules, very unnutritious diets and generally an unhealthy pace of life for a normal person.. The death in recent years of such renowned authors as Kentarou Miura (Berserk) and more recently Akira Toriyama (dragon ball) have led to the creation of an article in Japan that, honestly, leaves one incredibly cold.

The life of the mangaka, one that completely devours the human being

In case anyone believed that everything that was said about the lifestyle of mangakas is an exaggeration to justify how ‘lazy’ some are, from the Japanese blog ‘Yaraon’ (via @ari_kawaiilady) have made a statistical analysis of the life expectancy of manga authors Which, honestly, speaks for itself.

  • In total, Yaraon Blog takes as reference the death of 219 mangakas different to find out what the average life expectancy of these is: 62.6 years. 😶
  • To see how it affects the lifestyle of a mangaka, you only need to compare it with the average life expectancy of all ‘standard’ Japanese: 84 years. 😨
the first slam dunk takehiko inoue (1)
Although Takehiko Inoue has managed to ‘come back’, the author went through really bad times
  • The data is simply devastating. A difference of more than 20 years in age It is not compensated by the fact that the list created by Yaraon Blog may include causes of death ‘unrelated’ to the profession such as accidents (of which there are some). In general, it is more than clear that the profession of mangaka is one that it wears down a person’s life day by day until it is reduced very noticeably. 😣
  • Examples in life of mangakas who have been suffering from the condition of their professional career are for example Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter x Hunter who for years has found it practically impossible to work regularly on his work due to his back problems. Also Takehiko Inouewho had to leave Vagabond due to the many mental blocks he suffered in his career and which logically weighed heavily on his emotional and psychological stability. In this line one cannot forget either Ai Yazawa, the author of Nana who in the same way had to completely stop working on his successful manga. 😶

Obviously, this type of information is not intended to detract from any particular profession, not even that of a mangaka, which is what allows us to enjoy such magical stories as the aforementioned “Berserk” or “Dragon Ball.” However, highlights the reality of a field in which health always takes a clear back seat, and that ends up having the consequences that we have seen over the years. It only remains to be hoped that with some time the mangaka profession will be regularized in terms of the conditions faced by those who are part of it.

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