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They criticize that SPY x FAMILY advances too slowly

the japanese portal myjitsu published an article pointing out that the manga written and illustrated by Tatsuya-Endo, SPY x FAMILY, has begun to receive some criticism related to the slow pace of the story. Remember that the goal of Anya Forger is to get eight stars at Eden Academy, but, after more than four years of serialization, it only has two.

«“SPY x FAMILY” quickly became one of the flagship manga of the digital service Shonen Jump Plus, achieving international popularity thanks to its anime adaptation. However, it seems that the progress of the original story is “too slow”, which has become a topic of conversation on social networks, as fans are already expressing their frustration.».

«In the recent development, the students of Eden Academy Class 1-3, including Anya herself, fell victim to a terrorist attack while riding a bus. In Chapter 75 released on February 6, the incident was finally resolved, and both Anya and Damian were awarded for creating the opportunity to arrest the criminals.».


«A “Stella Star” is awarded to students who achieve notable achievements in academic, athletic, or social fields. Now, since the one she got in Chapter 16, Anya has finally gotten her second star. By the way, one of the goals of her adoptive father and spy, Loid Forger, is for Anya to get a total of eight Stella Stars and, with it, for her to “upgrade” so that he can reunite with Donovan Desmond, the father. of Damian that he himself is investigating».

«However, the number of Stella Stars Anya carries is far short of the eight needed. Considering that the serialization is already entering its fourth year, it is understandable why fans think that it is “going too slowly”. Among the comments that have emerged are: “Anya has finally got her second, but isn’t the pace really slow?“; “At this rate, we will easily reach fifty volumes“; and “This would have been a good opportunity for Anya to get more than one star.».

«In essence, “SPY x FAMILY” is not a manga that is updated on a weekly basis, but “whenever possible”. Inevitably, the time required for a new chapter to be released has been increasing, but the most recent arc took around four months to complete. In addition, it was announced that the chapter that was scheduled for next February 20 has been suspended, so “Chapter 76” will be published until March 6, one month after the most recent update. The author Tatsuya Endo should be busy with the anime projects and the stage adaptation currently in development.».

«Some readers have expressed their opinion on this situation: “SPY x FAMILY updates too slow”; “A year has passed and only twenty chapters have been published. I don’t understand what the author’s plan is“; and “Even if the story is interesting, I lose motivation to read it seeing how slow the updates are“. So it’s true that the number of stars Anya is carrying is worrisome in a timing sense, but there are signs that the story could hold some surprises. Let’s hope that the next developments clear up the concerns of fans who have been following this franchise for several years.».

Fountain: myjitsu

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