This is all that volume 1 of the manga has sold in its first week on sale

Kagurabachi“has been one of the hottest topics in the manga industry in recent weeks, all leading up to a first week of physical sales that raised many expectations: how much was “Kagurabachi” going to sell at its premiere? Was it all hype just noise or was there real support for Takeru Hokazono’s work? Now, With the data in hand, it is possible to speak with a little more contrasted ground.

Everything we know about Kagurabachi’s first week on sale

Next I leave you with the data that has been collected. @WSJ_manga About this past week’s manga sales (January 29 to February 4):

  • Basically, the fact that you have to stay with is that the Kagurabachi manga It has sold a total of 12,386 copies in its first week. But how is this interpreted? Well, the truth is that there are several asterisks to take into account. 🤔
  • To begin with, volume 1 of the Kagurabachi manga was officially released during the February 2 2024. That is, it was only active for 3 days regarding the entire week. 😮
kagurabachi new arc manga (1)
It can be said that Kagurabach has had a very good opening week
  • Secondly, we must think that the manga sold ALL ITS STOCK. This means that, at the very least, it ended up exceeding the sales expectations that were set. 😎
  • And were the expectations high or low? Well considering that as with MamaYuyu Reprints have already been confirmed for a couple of weeks, but in the case of the latter they have been sold ‘only’ 4,848 copies of the manga, it seems clear that Kagurabachi not only had relatively high sales expectations but has, in fact, exceeded them. 😉
  • Compared to the best-selling manga of the week, entry to the top 10 is limited by the 43,905 units of Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You. That is to say, Kagurabachi is far away but at the same time not so far away, since it is impossible to say how much more Takeru Hokazono’s work would have sold in its premiere if there had been more units of its volume 1 available on the market. 😶

Obviously, now it remains to be seen how sales of the manga progress once the reprints arrive and the subsequent follow-up through volume 2, which is expected to be released on May 2, 2024. The only thing that can be made clear today today is that All the noise around “Kagurabachi” has not been in vain, and it will surely be a manga that will continue to be talked about this year. However, for now it’s time to be patient.

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