This is the cover of Volume 1 of the manga

If we look back and start thinking about the most viral animes of 2023, we have to talk about One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen. These two works were the great references of shonen throughout last year but, And in the world of manga? Well here we have to add another name to complete the podium: Kagurabachi.

Takeru Hokazono debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump on September 18 with a work of action, gore and fantasy which revolves around the revenge of a young swordsman. In a few weeks managed to become one of the most read manga in all of Manga Plus, surpassing giants like Spy x Family, Dandadan, Black Clover and even Jujutsu Kaisen. What is Kagurabachi’s next step? Well, make the leap to physical format.

Kagurabachi announces its first volume

kagurabachi spain manga plus (1)
  • Three months after its premiere on digital platforms, Kagurabachi is finally preparing its arrival in stores retail
  • Volume 1 of this manga is currently in production and will soon arrive in bookstores in Japan 📕📗
  • It is expected that it will eventually also come out in SpainWill Norma Editorial be responsible for bringing it to our country?❓
  • In any case We already know what the cover of its first volume will be like. (via WSJ_manga), and the truth is that the fans are really liking it👌🏻👇🏻
Volume 1

At this time the manga Kagurabachi It has almost 135,000 views on Manga Plus, being the 10th most read work on Manga Plus. However months ago It became second with 885,000 visits (It was only surpassed by One Piece). Will its release in physical format skyrocket its popularity again? It’s a posibility.

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