this is the goal of Dragon Ball Daima as an anime

Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 left us with the promised news about “Dragon Ball Daima“, and these came mainly through a completely new trailer for the anime. In it we were able to see, above all, Goku in action with that child’s body from which he will try to get rid of throughout the adventure. And it is precisely about this that Akio Iyokuthe producer of “Dragon Ball,” has had some really interesting statements.

An anime focused on those who haven’t seen Dragon Ball before?

Has been @SupaChronicles the one who has released the following words that Iyoku-san shared live:

  • Essentially, the producer’s message is this: ‘I hope all fans who haven’t seen the story of Goku’s childhood adventures enjoy Daima as a breath of fresh air regarding Goku’s appeal.‘. 🤗
dragon ball daima asasa (1)
Dragon Ball Daima will be accessible to old and new Dragon Ball fans
  • That is, it seems to be confirmed that the idea around Dragon Ball Daima is go back to the roots of the franchise but with a completely new anime and a never-before-seen story. 😉
  • Does this mean that those who have followed Dragon Ball from the beginning will not be able to enjoy Dragon Ball Daima? Not at all, but taking into account everything the franchise has progressed in terms of power, combat techniques and above all transformations, Daima is a way to get back to the most basic concepts of Dragon Ball. 😮
  • So the trailer focused on Goku points to the same thing: basic martial arts, humor and a tremendously cute protagonist. It really couldn’t be clearer with the idea that, being Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary, perhaps it’s time to appeal to those who over time have found it impossible to get on Goku and company’s ship. 🤔

I think that from all this it is possible to draw two parallel possible readings: that if “Dragon Ball Daima” succeeds it will generate enough interest to argue a remake of the original “Dragon Ball”something that would not go badly since many modern fans really did not get to see the beginnings of Goku, or the fact of precisely creating “Dragon Ball Daima” keep a remake away from its origins because it shares similar essences. In any case, what is clear is that “Dragon Ball” aims to enter a very interesting new stage with the premiere of this work designed by Akira Toriyama.

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