This is the little ‘Easter Egg’ that unites the live-action One Piece with the Dungeon Meshi anime

The live-action of “One Piece“He introduced us to a series of actors that many of us were completely unaware of until that point, and in the same way it is possible to assume that the actors themselves began to open up an immense amount of opportunities following the enormous success with the anime adaptation. It may or may not be as a result of this, but now it is possible find Emily Rudd, the actress who gave life to Nami, in the “Dungeon Meshi” anime.

The actress of Nami in the live-action One Piece is one of the main voices in Dungeon Meshi

It has been one’s own Netflix anime official account which has issued the following tweet, which has come as a surprise to more than one:

dungeon meshi anime

Basically, what the tweet is telling us is the following:

  • From Netflix Anime they reveal that The actress who played Nami in the live-action One Piece is ALSO responsible for giving voice to Marcille, the crazy elf from Dungeon Meshi. In case there is any doubt, this is obviously something that only happens with the English version of the anime. 😂
  • In fact, this seems to be about the first job of this category for Emily Rudd. And as for how he’s doing… well, it seems pretty good, since on platforms like Reddit It has good support from fans. 🤗
  • For those who don’t know, the truth is that Emily Rudd has been a lifelong anime fan. In several interviews he has revealed that he grew up consuming all kinds of anime that were popular during the ’90s and early 2000s, so he is someone very familiar with the sector. Therefore, I really wouldn’t be surprised if in the future she signs up for other roles beyond this debut as Marcille. 😎

This is definitely a pretty striking ‘coincidence’, although I think playing Marcille must be a good first experience. At the end of the day, this is a character that depends more on her expressions and visceral reactions than on shots that could be somewhat ‘uncomfortable’ for the first time in an anime with a female character. In any case, between her passion for the sector and the cachet that she must currently have, Emily Rudd seems destined to remain linked to the anime industry beyond the live-action of “One Piece.”

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