This is the new Selecta Visión pack to watch all the anime in Spanish

Normally we talk about all those animes that gave us so many good moments throughout 2023, but what about the live-action ones? Far from being satisfied with the international success of One Piece, Netflix wanted to try his luck with the adaptation of another renowned anime: Yuyu Hakusho.

Far from entering debate whether this live action series is good or notI would like to focus on another interesting topic: the growing interest of the general public in watching the original Yu Yu Hakusho anime. Where can you enjoy in Spain? Finally we have a solution viable.

The definitive physical edition of Yu Yu Hakusho

  • This afternoon Select Vision presented the “Yu Yu Hakusho Blu-Ray Monster Box 2023“, the definitive edition in physical format to watch the animated series from the 90s🚨🚨🚨
  • People who buy this pack will have access to the complete series (112 episodes) divided into 15 Blu-ray
  • The chapters can be seen at 1080p and with audio in Japanese, Spanish and Catalanjust as they were broadcast years ago on La Sexta and TV3❗❗❗
  • In addition to the albums, this edition includes an exclusive 128-page book with information about the series and its characters, an art gallery and more📕
  • And as for the protective box, it has a magnetic closure🧲

The Yu Yu Hakusho Blu-Ray Monster Box 2023 It is available in the Selecta Visión digital store thanks to your pre-saleand its official release date is scheduled for January 5, 2024. 159.99 euros You can get this very special edition, and there are only 60 units left!

Synopsis of Yu Yu Hakusho

One day, the young gang member Yusuke Urameshi dies in a traffic accident trying to save a child. But his life does not end there because the Spiritual World sends him back as a Spiritual Detective with the mission of capturing monsters harmful to the Human World. Resurrected, Yusuke teams up with his high school rival Kuwabara, as well as the demons Kurama and Hiei to defeat fateful enemies that appear one after another…

From the Four Sacred Beasts to Yusuke’s tragic ancestor through the Tournament of Darkness. The Human World, the Spiritual World, and the Demon World intersect in a deep story in which powerful fight scenes become increasingly intense.

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