This is the official release date of Season 3 of the anime

Ayanokouji will have to face a very fearsome new rival: Arisu Sakayanagi

Anime lovers have been living a very sweet moment for a couple of months. The premieres of such acclaimed series as Frieren, Jujutsu Kaisen (S2), The Apothecary Diaries, Spy x Family (S2) and Shangri-La: Frontier are leaving moments to remember for thousands of viewers, and yet, There are people who are already thinking about what’s coming in 2024, like the long-awaited return of Classroom of the Elite.

Although its second season left a lot to be desired on a technical level, the new batch of episodes of the Classroom of the Elite anime has many users crazy. The series was planned to premiere this year, but for unknown reasons it ended up being postponed until 2024.. When will it come out then? We already have an answer.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 confirms its premiere date

  • This afternoon those responsible for Classroom of the Elite revealed the exact date on which the third season of the anime will premiere❗❗
  • The series will return the next day January 3, 2024📅
  • Therefore Its broadcast day will be Wednesday
  • Lerche will repeat as the studio in charge of animation. Will its performance improve compared to T2?🙏🏻
  • At the moment It is unknown how many episodes this season will consist of.but hopefully there will be 12 or 13❓
  • Below I leave you with the teaser for Season 3 that was published days ago, in case you hadn’t had the chance to see it👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Synopsis of Classroom of the Elite

In Classroom of the Elite We follow the story of Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a young man who has just entered the Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Academy, of which it is said that 100% of its students end up going to university or finding a good job. However, our protagonist ends up in Class 1-D, where the school puts all the students with problems.

What’s more, each month the school awards students points worth 100,000 yen, and the classes employ a system whereby you can talk, sleep, and even disturb your classmates during classes.

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