This is the reason why there isn’t as much shoujo anime as you would like, and you probably don’t expect it.

A manga editor specialized in shoujo publishing explains the curious market conditions for this genre

He shoujo It is one of the most successful genres in the manga and anime industry, one that generally collects romance stories focused on young girls but, let’s be honest, many of us end up liking it regardless of age or gender. However, for all the shoujo manga in existence, the reality is that their adaptations as anime end up taking much longer to arrive than those of, say, generic isekai. Now, there seems to be a quite logical explanation for this phenomenon..

Live-action, behind the slow pace that shoujo anime reach

I am convinced that many might think that the reason there is not so much shoujo anime ‘as it should‘is in part blame for the high demand for shonen or, as I mentioned before, isekai. But nothing could be further from the truth (mostly), and this is how he explains it a shoujo manga editor from Bessatsu Friend magazine (via MangaMogura):

  • If someone wants to blame something for the fact that there are no more shoujo anime, then has to look directly at the live-action market. 🤨
kimi ni todoke
Kimi ni Todoke is one of the many shoujo adapted to live-action
  • Apparently, many shoujo manga franchises end up watching previously adapted as live-action that as an anime for the following reasons:
    • First of all, film production companies have annual minimums for romance films to be produced. Because? Well, so that there is always material to consume when people go on dates or during designated dates. 😶
    • Likewise, live-action shoujo is also interesting because So attractive young actors always have roles to fill. 😑
    • Another aspect to take into account is that of the production budget, which is usually higher in anime. But since many of those responsible for anime are men, most of the time they opt more for a genre like shonen (okay, there may be a little ‘fault’ of the genre here). 😅
  • Another curiosity to take into account is that, apparently, Regarding the shoujo market, not the slightest attention is paid to international interests. The only yardstick used to decide whether a shoujo manga continues to be published or not is whether it sells well in Japan, and its cancellation is decided as soon as after its second volume is released. 🤨
  • As a last resort, It is believed that shoujo currently has an overload of romance stories, something that has been happening for the last 10-15 years. At first it seems that this would not be the idea regarding how to manage shoujo as a market product, but since it is what sells the most, it has continued to be nourished. 😆

So now you know, if you’ve been reading a shoujo manga for a while that you think is great and for some reason you see that it doesn’t have an anime, Chances are you’ll end up finding that it’s been adapted into live-action before.. Judging by what the manga editor says, it doesn’t seem like there is the slightest intention to change how things are currently done, so it seems that shoujo anime will continue to arrive at the current pace for quite a few years to come.

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