This will be the new designs of Dabi and Shigaraki in Season 7 of the anime

The countdown to the premiere of the seventh season of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia in Japan) is coming to an end. The vast majority of series scheduled to air in spring will debut next April, however the studio’s star saga Bones will not return until May.

The story of Deku, Bakugo, All Might and company will return in style on May 7, and to celebrate, those responsible for the work shared a new image that includes a couple of very interesting details. Two of the main villains will present changes in their designs.

Dabi and Shigaraki prepare for the final war

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  • In the new promotional image for Season 7 of My Hero Academia (shared by animetv_jp) it shows What will your four main antagonists look like from now on?👀
  • All for One and Himiko Toga They barely present changes in their appearance, however we cannot say the same about Shigaraki Tomura and Dabi ❌✅
  • In the seventh season Shigaraki will have long white hair and will be wearing a suit.just like his teacher🕴🏻
  • For its part, Dabi will wear all whiteas if it were Luffy’s Gear 5 in One Piece ⬜

Honestly, Shigaraki’s outfit doesn’t arouse any kind of emotion in me, but things change when we talk about dabi. Todoroki’s brother and Endeavor’s son looks more fearsome and powerful than ever with that suit as white as his hair. What do you think of these new appearances in the face of the imminent war between heroes and villains that is going to break out?

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