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Those of Twitter criticize the role of women in Dragon Ball

Although dragonball of Akira Toriyama is one of the most influential franchises in all of anime, the most recent chapter of the manga has attracted criticism from that sector of Twitter who do not like the treatment that the author has given to female characters.

The most recent chapter of the manga of Dragon Ball Super did not go unnoticed by this sector on Twitter, due to its concern about the evolution of Mai. In the episode, the Pilaf Gang member assured young Trunks that they could date as many times as they wanted as their relationship developed. The characters are slated to eventually become a couple, which has led some fans to worry about Mai’s future. There is growing concern that she will lose her complex growth potential and instead fall into the role of a housewife, as other female Dragon Ball characters have done before her.

  • «I love how Toriyama saw a female character who had yet to be relegated to a housewife in the background and decided he needed to correct course.», wrote the original publication that to date already has more than two million visits.

Many noted Toriyama’s record of consistently casting female characters in the housewife role. This has been especially the case with characters like Videl, Bulma, and Milk, who married male characters and went from having strong characterization to being overshadowed by their spouses. Various Twitter users even expressed concern about the future of other female characters, pointing to kale and caulifa as possible victims of the curse of “housewife development”.

Consequently, Mai’s future is uncertain as the story unfolds. However, the frustration of seeing so many characters relegated to the role of housewives seems to have been noticed by a certain section of readers.

Of course, it is worth reviewing the comments about it:

  • «I always find it funny how woke people chant “go see something else, it’s not for you”, but they can never follow their own advice. It’s all whining and wailing and stomping like children until they get their way.».
  • «Of course. Let’s not count Bulma’s inventions (like the Dragon Radar) or her useful knowledge of technology. Android 18? It doesn’t matter if she is strong, she is married to Krylin and has a daughter. Videl? That she decided to train and get stronger for the tournament?».
  • «Well, for starters, the “critical faces” are the same as always: “a few complain on Twitter”, so no one should pay attention to them».
  • «What’s wrong with cooking and taking care of the house? Or is it bad only when women do it?».
  • «Women are more than welcome to create their own fighting anime franchise and cast men in whatever roles they want. In fact, the more embarrassing the roles of men, the more celebrated they will be by the majority.».
  • «What is the solution to this problem”? Having each character written by different writers of the respective same sex and leading to a horribly confusing plot? Maybe have an AI write it so they can later complain that the AI ​​is sexist because it was programmed by a misogynist?».
  • «Mai should never have been a Resistance Force character to begin with. She was supposed to remain a member of the Pilaf Gang. Giving him a rifle in the post-apocalyptic timeline seems even trivial fanfic to me. But I stopped watching Dragon Ball Super right after the Goku Black Saga ended. I spent a lot of time on it just to have it have that horrible ending, and after that I didn’t care anymore. Super is nonsense».
  • «I hate it when people try to make the case for making housewives out of Dragon Ball women by acting like they’re real women making decisions of their own free will and not, you know, fictional characters whose actions are controlled by a male writer.».
  • «How long until Dragon Ball turns Kale and Caulifla into boring housewives like all the other women in the Dragon Ball cast?».

Fountain: @HamavalThorfinn on Twitter

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