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Tokyo Revengers – the main characters

Tokyo Revengers has been one of the biggest surprises of this year 2021, and here are the main characters from the play, as well as some fun extra facts about them.

Facts about Shuji Hanma Tokyo Revengers

The names and age of the characters of tokyo revengers

The main characters of tokyo revengers:

Takemichi Hanagaki

the main characters tokyo revengers

Takemichi is the most important character in Tokyo Revengers. He is a young man who can travel in time or a jumper in time. In order to save his girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and eventually everyone he cares about, he decides to become an important member of Toman and save them.

Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana is Takemichi Hanagaki’s girlfriend, who is the main reason for Takemichi’s desire to change the past. In 2005, Hinata is a 14-year-old girl. On July 4, 2017, Hinata will be killed during a fight between two Tokyo gangs, along with her brother Naoto Tachibana.

Naoto Tachibana

Tokyo Revengers - The main characters Naoto Tachibana

He is the younger brother of Hinata Tachibana, a detective in Tokyo’s organized crime department, and the “trigger” for Takemichi Hanagaki’s time travel powers.

Manjiro Sano

which tokyo revenger character are you

He is a founding member and leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Mikey is usually a carefree teenager who loves to play games and joke around with his close friends. He cares a great deal about them and is determined to protect their honor. He rarely shows any signs of weakness, as he believes that he is Toman’s base and support, and if the pillar shows weakness, Toman would also weaken.

Ken Ryuguji

draken tokyo revengers

He is the vice president and one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Like the President, Vice President Draken is also quite a wild individual. He loves a good fight and he loves taking on strong opponents.

Atsushi Sendo

tokyo revengers characters / Atsushi Sendo

He is a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Atsushi shows a strong sense of confidence by being the leader of his little gang of criminals. As the leader of the group, Atsushi cares about his friends. He knows that Takuya is not good at fighting and wants to take his place so that Takuya doesn’t get hurt. He was willing to kill Masataka to save himself and his friends from slavery, seeing no other way out.

Takuya Yamamoto

Takuya Yamamoto tokyo revengers characters

One of Takemichi’s high school friends and also his childhood friend. Takuya is one of the shyest members of Takemichi’s group of friends. Expresses uncertainty about going to fight with students from other schools. However, if your friends are in danger, you are willing to risk helping them.

Makoto Suzuki

makuto Suzuki tokyo revengers

He is a friend of Takemichi and one of the main characters in the play. In Takemichi’s own words, he always likes to caress himself.

Kazushi Yamagishi

tokyo revengers characters

He’s a friend from Takemitchy High School. In Takemichi’s own words, he is an idiot because he wears glasses in the belief that it will make him smart.

Nobutaka Osanai

Nobutaka Osanai

He is the former eighth president of Moebius. He is good at martial arts and extremely strong.

Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya

He is the Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang Second Division. He is also one of the founding members. He is extremely strong and one of the main characters in Tokyo Revengers.

Nahoya Kawata

tokyo revengers characters

He is the captain of the Fourth Division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is the older twin brother of Souta Kawata.

Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji was the First Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang and one of its founding members. Baji has a wild personality. He loves the thrill of adrenaline and Mikey himself says he would hit someone on the street for no apparent reason, just because he wanted to.

Tetta Kisaki

Tetta Kisaki

He climbed to the top of Toman by manipulating Mikey and staged the assassination of Hinata Tachibana in several different futures. Kisaki is a ruthless, cunning and ambitious individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Although he is of medium height, his power to rule in fear makes even those stronger than him. His entire actions throughout history revolve around becoming the most powerful and influential criminal in Tokyo.

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