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We have had a few good years in Wanothat arc that marked a before and after for “One Piece” like anime. Toei Animation He promised that from that point on the quality of the television broadcast would grow significantly and he kept his word 100%; Fights like Luffy’s Gear 5 against Kaido or those of Sanji and Zoro against the high command of the Beast Pirates attest to this. But it is Time to turn the page, and it’s time to head to Egghead.

One Piece begins to prepare to enter the new story arc of the anime

Without further ado, I leave you with the trailer that Toei Animation itself has shared to introduce Egghead’s arc in the “One Piece” anime (via WSJ_Manga):

And now yes, point all the details to take into account for the premiere of the new anime story arc:

  • To begin, the most important fact to assess today is that The Egghead arc will start on January 7, 2024. 😍
  • This means that during the month of December 2023 we will possibly be with some sort of small filler arc or story expansion, since the Wano arc is now officially concluded. 😄
  • The immensity of the Wano arc has ultimately led us to it being during a total of 4 years in broadcast, and that of the whole of One Piece it occupied no more and no less than up to 195 episodes. It is by far one of the longest story arcs in Eiichiro Oda’s work, and that is saying something knowing its dimensions. 🤯
  • In the One Piece manga, the Wano arc remained active from chapter 909 to 1057, so the extension was also very notable on paper. Having said that, The Egghead arc started at the time in chapter 1058, logically following Wano, and currently the One Piece manga has up to 1099 chapters published. 😙

The truth is, Wano is an arc that I loved, but it is true that after almost 4 years of broadcast I was beginning to notice it was somewhat worn out, even if the ending was amazing. What you may have to start asking yourself is If Toei Animation is planning to start making some breaks in the broadcast of “One Piece”, because it is very obvious that at this rate the anime will inevitably end up catching up with the manga… and we already know how those things end. In any case, what has been said: in January it’s time to give Egghead a hard time.

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