trailer, date and where to watch the new gay romance anime from the Fairy Tail studio

Satelight takes the reins of this story created by Yuu Toyota that already had its own live-action

The beginning of the year aims to be loaded with several very interesting romantic animes. Lovers of this genre have at their disposal highly anticipated releases such as A Sign of Affection and the second season of The Dangers in My Heartbut be careful, there is another series that could also rival them: Cherry Magic!.

This animated series, whose full title is Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!presents a gay love story between two Japanese office workers with some touches of comedy and fiction. Yuu Toyota’s original manga received very good reviews from the Japanese publicWill your anime succeed in the West? If you are interested in this series, below I tell you everything you need to know about it.

Cherry Magic!, gay love in the office

  • He episode 1 of Cherry Magic! It premiered yesterday, January 10, in Spain✅
  • Therefore, the new chapters will be broadcast every Wednesday until the next day March 27th📅
  • This anime is broadcast in our country legally and exclusively through Crunchyroll 🟠
  • It is confirmed that the first season of Cherry Magic! will consist of 12 episodes👍🏻
  • The studio in charge of animating this work is Satellitethe same one who once worked on Fairy Tail and Log Horizon
  • He director of the work is Yoshiko Okuda (animation director on episodes of Anohana and Black Lagoon)🎬
  • He script is directed by Tomoko Konparu (From Me to You, Ao Haru Ride)✍🏻

Characters and main cast

  • Kiyoshi Adachi is interpreted by Chiaki Kobayashi (Askelaad in Vinland Saga, Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise)
  • Yuuichi Kurosawa has the voice of Ryouta Suzuki (Ishigami in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Ryuusui in Dr. Stone)

Synopsis of Cherry Magic!

When Adachi turned 30 as a virgin, she received a peculiar gift: the ability to read the minds of anyone she touches. Thinking about what to do with this mysterious new power, she decides to try her luck at reading the mind of her co-worker Kurosawa. What she discovers is that the popular sales guy has a crush on him! How will Adachi act when faced with the affectionate thoughts of her partner?

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