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Uzaki-chan gets hot with her latest chapter — Kudasai

Finally, the manga of “Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! (Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!)” had its first update this year and fans have been quite impressed with the development that Take has given to the work. Although Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai have been a couple for some time now, their relationship has progressed at a fairly slow pace mainly because Sakurai cannot tolerate Uzaki’s advances.

And it’s not that he dislikes Uzaki’s body or anything, he just represses his emotions because he doesn’t want to get out of control with his girlfriend, even if it causes him to faint every time things get heated. However, all this excitement has also built up in Uzaki herself, and she finally let it out in this most recent chapter.

Uzaki had already pointed out in the previous chapter that whenever Sakurai fainted she “was left wanting,” and this chapter continued with the scene where Sakurai, passed out after a “faje” session, begins to be touched by Uzaki. In fact, Uzaki’s interest is so much that he now wants to see “the titan” Sakurai, although things go wrong because he wakes up.

You’d think everything was going to cut off here, but Uzaki finally gets up the courage and tells Sakurai that he wants to see his member. Faced with Sakurai’s refusal, Uzaki points out that “he can’t take it anymore” and begins to take off his clothes, while the pupils of his eyes change to a heart, something that is normally called on social networks as “fuck me eyes.”

What will happen in the next chapter? Will it finally be the consummation of love between Uzaki and Sakurai? Or will the author continue blue-balling and these two will be interrupted by anything? The anticipation only increases, and fans are quite excited:

  • «That’s how they all are, one wants hugs and they want to abuse you».
  • «Chale, he already made the eyes that he wants sex».
  • «That look, my God, I know that look».
  • «Finally, I can affirm and confirm that the doujinshi has become canon».
  • «Oh no, those eyes, Senpai was worth it».
  • «Only then can this manga stay interesting, it’s a shame».
  • «What time do they have sensual relations?».
  • «Uzaki-chan became relevant for five minutes at once».
  • «Oh no, he rolled his eyes people».
  • «I’ll be waiting for those juicy intercourse panels».
  • «This shit is pornography disguised as manga».
  • «The truth is I’m not complaining, it would be the first time that a romantic comedy manga makes the chapters worth the wait and that gives a lot to say coming from Japan».
  • «Are they still publishing this shit?».
  • «Well, they’re both adults now, so what a joke.».
  • «Finally the author does something right to revive this blowjob».
  • «It’s about time, two adults in a loving relationship where both are well-endowed? According to me, it had already taken like beasts to catch».

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