Vinland Saga shows its official live-action and looks incredible

Vinland Saga shows its official live-action and looks incredible

The live-action of Vinland Saga It has already announced its delivery date and the teaser is simply fascinating. It will be a play that will be presented at Kokumin Kyosai Coop Hall / Space Zero in Tokyo from April 19 to 29, 2024.

The story of the play will be divided into two essential acts:

  • “The End of the Sea” – It will be told in the presentation of the hero Thorfin (his childhood and the murder of his father would be narrated: the beginning of the original installment).
  • “Hero’s Resurrection” – Will feature Cnut, the second prince of Denmark and obviously his link to Thorfinn.

The cast looks great, I’ll present it to you below.

Source: Makoto Yukimura
Source: Makoto Yukimura
Source: Makoto Yukimura

So, what do you think? Do you think it will be a success?

Makoto Yukimura - Vinland Saga
Source: Makoto Yukimura

The poster is quite impressive. Imagine a live-action of Vinland Saga on film!

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Where can I watch Vinland Saga?

Both seasons of the series are available on the Netflix platform. Together they have 42 chapters, because each installment has 21 episodes.

The story that is set is a historical installment in a Medieval Europe that faces the invading Viking wave. However, a little boy will see the murder of his father and will seek revenge afterward, and that is the focus of the adventure.

However, the code of honor and his own abilities will force him to accompany his mentor and subject of revenge on his trip to Europe and after that he will have to face more things.

Thorfin, the young protagonist, will have begun a journey that seems to only happen more in his life every second.

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