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Vittorio Veneto will have a succulent figure in a swimsuit

Azur Lane


the lovely Vittorio Veneto of Azur Lane has donned her stunning swimsuit for this figure, gifting potential buyers with a sight that will leave them no choice but to spend some cash or risk their reputation as an otaku – buyers can marvel at the marvelous figure starting from August 2023.

Azur Lane

The beautiful figure of this incredible waifu She has great detail, both in her swimsuit and in her voluptuous attributes, which are two great attributes that stand out a lot in the images that have been presented to us.

The beautiful hair of Vittorio Veneto It has spectacular details, in addition to having a detail in it, since the sunglasses for the beach are on top of it. This figure delights us with a pose that leaves a lot to the imagination, her slender figure and her very succulent attributes will make all those fans and non-fans who have that figure in front of their eyes fall in love.

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This is one enormous Y sexy B-STYLE figure of 1/4 scale of Vittorio Veneto from Azur Lane. This is the version Flower of La Spezia. Produced by FREEing.

From the popular series anime Y azurlane games, here is a huge 1/4 scale figure of Vittorio Veneto. wear your look flowers of La Spezia, what is a sexy bikini that allows you to admire every inch of her perfect body. A fantastic addition to your collection Azur Lane of FREEing. Highly recommend!.

About Azur Lane:

When the “Sirens” suddenly appeared, an alien force with an arsenal that far exceeds the limits of current technology, a divided humanity came together for the first time.

Four countries, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire, and Iron Blood, formed Azur Lane, paving the way for the improvement of modern warfare, leading to an initial victory against the common threat.

However, this tenuous union was threatened by opposing ideals, splitting the alliance in two. The Sakura Empire and Iron Blood split up and formed the Red Axis faction, harnessing Siren technology to upgrade their weaponry, and humanity splintered once more.


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