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We review what happened in chapter 1065 of the One Piece manga


And one more week, here we are to give you your Onepiece dose of the week. And what is it that touches? New chapter of the manga One Piece, this time the 1065: The six Vegapunks! Since super-fiction We review everything that happened in the popular work of Eiichiro Oda. All this, if you have recovered from the hangover of the mega-premiere of One Piece Film Red in our country, of which we did an extensive analysis and compendium of curiosities yesterday.

In the previous chapter, the action was divided into three parts. On the one hand we witnessed the bloody battle between law Y kurohige, in which the first seemed to be superior to the second. On the other hand, we learned more about the alleged bloodthirsty past of kuma. Finally, we got to know some more progress on the island Egg head and we attended astonished a conversation between vegapunk Y Dragon. So that: what happened in this chapter 1065 of the manga of one piece? We do not make you wait any longer, we tell you:

This child sounds familiar

We begin the chapter on the cover of the Thousand Sunny. In this place we see that Zoro has ordered Caribou to leave the ship. He obviously resists arguing that he does not want to stay on an island belonging to the government. Nevertheless, Zoro insists yes, thanks for taking care of luffybut bye. Caribou swears revenge, and considering that hatches some kind of plan with a third partyWe’ll see if he manages to complete it.

Elsewhere, the Mugiwaras who march with Vegapunk Lilith, they do not stop freaking out and freaking out with all the technological advances that are found on the way to the laboratory. But all this revelry will be abruptly interrupted when, upon reaching a room, they discover something that does not fit them. Is about a new seraphimthis time, based on jinbe. After a few moments of doubt in which the Mugiwaras they consider the possibility that it is a son of his or Jinbe himself turned into a child, the seraphim decide to take action.

Without saying a word, the improvised villain begins to shoot lightning bolts when Pacifista fact that he quickly realizes Frankie. The first to try to deal with it is Namibut seraphim proves to have some strange powers that suspiciously remind us of the mr pink. And it is that in a flash, the young copy of jinbe sinks into the ground as if it were water. Sounds familiar, right? Thus, she easily manages to catch Nami, that little can do before his strength. After that, Sanji, Robin Y usopp they also try to cope with it with little success.

Seraphim Jinbe
Seraphim Jinbe

Did you want Vegapunk? Take six cups!

usopp is now the one captured by the seraphim Y Frankie respond with a Radical Beam. This fact does not go unnoticed by another of the versions of vegapunk that we know This new model is known as Edison and it seems to be the division in charge of inventions. The battle seems not to sit well with lilith (remember, supposedly harbors the doctor’s evil side). Immediately afterwards, Edison He leaves to finish some plans and leaves another in charge of the calculations. vegapunk more, this time, the model Pythagoras.

While Edison develop the new plans with the ideas gathered in the battle and Pythagoras do the math, we meet another vegapunk plus, the model york. This model seems to be exclusively in charge of eating for all the other models, so its behavior with food is opulent and excessive. It also seems that she can accumulate a lot of food and grease, and then dispose of it all at once in her bathroom. One for all, and all for one. And when it has fulfilled its function, to sleep.

finally the last vegapunk that was yet to be formally known, makes an appearance. East model named Shakabursts into the room and orders the seraphim stop. Also, seems to know the people very well. The Mugiwaras they quickly discover that they can’t get their feet off the ground. Shaka He explains that this is due to the boots they are wearing and the control of the magnetism he can exert on them, since he cannot trust them.

Vegapunk Shaka
Vegapunk Shaka

Future or past?

Shaka seems to have some idea in mind. Without saying a word, he asks the Mugiwaras If you think that this is the island of the future. Question to which the pirates assert that of course, since if with all the technological advances they have observed, that island does not represent the future, what else? However, the response of Shaka could not be more enigmatic: “This… is the past!”

We now move to the side of Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper Y bonney. There we see how have discovered what appears to be the remains of a gigantic ancient robot with which, obviously, they hallucinate in colors. At the same time, Vegapunk Shaka narrates in the bullets the great revelation of the chapter. And it is that, apparently, 900 years ago there was a kingdom with a civilization as advanced as that of Egg head. Finally… Information about the Void Century!

And up to here the chapter 1065 of the manga of one piece. And you, what do you think? Many seraphim we have left to discover? Who were the inhabitants of this ancient kingdom? Remember that, as always, you can tell us about your impressions and theories in our account Twitter.

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