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We review what happened in chapter 1066 of the One Piece manga

Another Sunday around here. And that can only mean one thing… New chapter of the manga One Piece, this time the 1066: Ohara’s Will! Since super-fiction We review everything that happened in the popular work of Eiichiro Oda. Although before we begin, we recommend that you take a look at our extensive analysis and compendium of curiosities about One Piece Film Redif you haven’t already.

In the previous chapter, we discovered the existence of another new seraphimthis time, based on a young man jinbe. But the most important revelation came from the hand of the own vegapunk. And it is that the model Shaka confirmed to our protagonists the existence of an ancient kingdom with this futuristic technology. So that: what happened in this chapter 1066 of the manga of one piece? We do not make you wait any longer, we tell you:

Memories of Ohara

Vshaka chat with the Mugiwaras about this ancient kingdom and brings up ohara. Apparently, they discovered the existence of this civilization and that was why it was devastated with the Buster Call of the Marine. From now on, you have all the attention of Robin. It also tells that this ancient kingdom was faced with the other twenty remaining kingdoms and that the latter were the victors. Consequently, removed from existence any reference to this futuristic civilization.

Obviously, and reflecting in the cartoons our own reactions as readers, the group of Mugiwaras hallucinates in colors It’s too much sensitive and revealing information. Sanji He wonders if everyone who is aware of this information is eliminated. Shaka confirms this and arouses fear in some of the group, especially in usopp, who acts as if he had not heard anything narrated. of course, usopp.

To try to reassure Vegapunk Shaka comments that this is only a theory, although on the other hand, if the world government He destroyed ohara, means that they accepted this theory as good. Nevertheless, Robin calls on Shaka if possible ask for confirmation Governmentbut he confirms that if he did that, he would also be eliminated. Is it possible that Vegapunk’s position is not as privileged as we imagined?

Nico Robin I want to live
Nico Robin he screams that he wants to live

the will lives

Shaka continues with his story and tells that the will of ohara still alive. She reveals that she knew Clover and tells his story, how he became an archaeologist and how he ended up in ohara. After becoming one of the world’s greatest scholars and attracting scores of brilliant minds to the island, it became the epicenter of learning on the planet. After the destruction of ohara, vegapunk visited the island and realized that the documents had been saved and thrown to the bottom of the lake and that the soldiers did not even notice. Instead, he did. ohara had won and for that, he cried.

After such a narration, we see how a multitude of memories invade the mind of Robin. Clover, Saulhis mother Nico Olvia helping him escape, etc. Emotions are on the surface, but Robin keep listening attentively. Shaka account that, although he could not take the documents to punk hazard so that no one would find out, months later he returned to ohara to see what he could do. There, she was surprised to discover that some giants were rescuing the documents. But there was someone else on the island.

we see how Dragon He was also on the island. But not only that, we finally see the true aspect of vegapunk. The design, which is reminiscent of those cartoons from the 70s and 80s, contrasts with the rest of the mangaka’s most common proposals, although it is nothing new in it, since we are used to it getting out of the norm from time to time. vegapunk He is a man with a gigantic and elongated head which literally illustrates his well-known wisdom.

Dragon Y vegapunk They talk about the documents. Dragon comments that the giants are aware of the true value of these and that they want to protect the legacy of ohara. He also comments that They know all this thanks to their captain, whom he describes as a great gentleman bandaged from top to bottom.. Later, Dragon recriminates vegapunk have joined the world government. We also discovered that he offered the doctor to join his Liberty Army. vegapunk He explains that he had to reject it, since in such a poor army, he could not give shape to his ideas.

saul and robin laugh

Connecting past and present

Finally, we see in that flashback how Dragon swears that he will fight for the honor of oharawhatever it takes. That same year, he formed together with kuma and Ivankov the Revolutionary Army. The Mugiwaras they are amazed at the multitude of connections that exist between everyone and everything. But there is still more. And it is that Shaka tells that, after this meeting, he decided to travel to elbaf. There he was able to read all the documents and, currently, all their information is stored in your brain. There he also met the giant said captain.

Robin ask if that captain was Saul. Shaka confirms it. As surprising as it may seem, Saul lives (although he cannot reveal his location). Robin cry and thank vegapunk. But there is no time to lose. And now we return with luffy and company. There they try to wake up the robot, but there is no way. Suddenly it explodes, and inside is the real vegapunk trapped, something that does not like bonney. luffy He helps him out and he explains that if they fit their shoes well they will be able to float. But, they jerks, they do it wrong and they all fly away.

And up to here the chapter 1066 of the manga of one piece. And you, what do you think? Is this the true story of the Empty Century? Follow Saul with life? Remember that, as always, you can tell us about your impressions and theories in our account Twitter.

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We review what happened in chapter 1066 of the One Piece manga