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We review what happened in chapter 1068 of the One Piece manga


And one more week, here we are. After a short break, we return with energy and hype at full power, and it’s time… New chapter of the manga one piecethis time 1068: The dream of a genius! Since super-fiction We review everything that happened in the popular work of Eiichiro Oda. Also remember that if you are thinking of reviewing any moment of the series, you can relive the anime with our fantastic review of all the sagas of the series.

In the previous chapter, we were able to learn a multitude of data that we had ignored until then. For example, we discovered that the gigantic brain of vegapunk It is in the upper zone with the sign of Vegapunk Records and that he was the one who created the fruit of momonosuke from the lineage factor of kaido. Also that the mysterious ancient robot was created 900 years ago and that, 200 years ago, it attacked the city of Mary Geoise as a result of some mobilizations. So that: what happened in this chapter 1068 of the manga of one piece? We do not make you wait any longer, we tell you:

You can not pass

We pick up right where we left off a couple of weeks ago. vegapunk informs Lucci that they can leave the Seraphims and they can leave, but the second one is not up to the task and tries to convince him to let them in to rest. Given the failure of the attempt, Rob he asks if he knows anything about the disappearances of others cipher phol who arrived on the island, but vegapunk he knows nothing about it. Finally, lucci He agrees to leave but only facing the gallery. And it is that the good of Rob plans to enter the island flying thanks to the s bear (the seraphim of kuma).

Speaking of kumawe return to kamabakka kingdom. In the following vignettes we can see how kumadespite attempts to Dragon to make him give up on his efforts, he leaves the island. What’s the rush? We hope to find out soon. Although it will not be now, since we return to Egg headwhere vegapunk try to convince luffy, again, that they take them with them. He tells the Mugiwaras What he also dreams of inventing, one day, free energy for all. What good thoughts this gentleman has that so many evils has enabled the government.

jinbe comments that the resources that produce energy have always been the object of all the wars in the world. It is precisely for this reason that the doctor wants to get said free energy for everyone. But what about all this? Well, apparently the closer you get to the answer of that possible free-for-all energy, the closer you get to the kinetic energy of the robot. To know more about it, should know more about the Void Century and this would lead to almost certain eliminationjust as it happened with ohara. That’s why you need to get off the map.

Rob Lucci and the PC0the most powerful intelligence organization in the Cipher Poldo not plan to leave Egg head without meeting their goals.

Go away, Mr. Lucci. Go away!

To all this, he PC0 appears in the center of the island just as they had planned. vegapunk he realizes ipso facto their arrival and, by mentioning them, draws the attention of luffy. And it is that he was unaware of the existence of unit number 0. In light of this, they explain that unit 0 is the one that is above all and that, as pointed out jinbeyesIt is said that when these appear, a historical event is about to happen.. Does this mean that an event of extreme importance is approaching?

And here we are, with PC0 between Egg head thanks to the fruit Nikyu Nikyu (the Claw Claw no Mi) and ready to fight. Vegapunk Shaka quickly orders several shipments Seraphims (namely, the S-Hawk, S-Snake and the S-Shark) that will be commanded by sentomaru, which, by the way, we had not seen for a long time. However, the vegapunk original follows his own and asks the Mugiwaras one more time if they will take him with them to the Sea-Quasar. Finally, luffy accept for a very good reason luffy: The shape of the doctor’s head amuses him.

vegapunk please ask them to take bonney to the lab and urges them to meet there. Immediately afterwards, the doctor teleports to hallucinate luffy. But the fuss is really in another sector of the island. There a monster appears in front of him. PC0but stussy he quickly warns them that it is actually a hologram. Apparently, she knows a lot about the island and claims to have many memories of a certain time. Did she live here before?

stussyempress of the underworld and member of the PC0seems to know a lot about Egg head. Does it have anything to do with the island?

an unexpected reunion

kaku He decides to climb above the clouds to try to better see where the doctor can be found. On his ascent he discovers a couple of lines that, when crossed, activate a defense based on laser beams. kaku falls dead to the ground and stussy comments on the operation of said defense. lucci He points out, with good judgment, that all these things could be explained before and not after they occur.

suddenly appears Atlas to face them and, despite the fact that Shaka tries to dissuade her, goes straight to lucci. To no one’s surprise, Atlas she is easily defeated by it and is severely damaged. Of course, all this commotion causes astonishment among all the researchers and operators on the island, who do not believe the scene. But it may be the softest thing they have seen so far, and that is that, suddenly, a carefree appears on the scene. luffy He was going to the lab. Of course, quickly both recognize each other.

And up to here the chapter 1068 of the manga of one piece. And you, what do you think? will he get vegapunk run away from the island? where the hell is he headed kuma? what is the relationship stussy with the island? And of course, will they come to blows? lucci Y luffy? Remember that, as always, you can tell us about your impressions and theories in our account Twitter.

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