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What animes have the most toxic communities?

UberFacts is an online web service/application that provides people with facts and trivia. Currently there is a version for Twitter, another for mobile phones, another for Instagram and another for Facebook. The service was developed by the American Chris Sanchezwho receives the data through the investigation of books, scientific articles, news, among others, stating that he always confirms the accuracy of the data before publishing it. Erroneous data is eventually removed or updated with corrections.

In fact, an article from BuzzFeed March 2014 criticized UberFacts for their occasionally incorrect data, justifying why they are occasionally inaccurate. BuzzFeed then emailed Sanchez asking if the data he provided was incorrect, to which he replied that he checked his data for accuracy before posting it and didn’t cite sources because not everyone wanted to see a link at the end of a story. Tweet.

In the end, it turns out that UberFacts shared an infographic listing the most toxic fan bases on social media., based on the number of negative words they use in their comments. What’s interesting is not only that Rihanna’s fan base took the top spot, but there are several manga and anime franchises within the list:

  • First appears one punch manpossibly after the change of animation studio between the first and second season, and the constant conflicts produced by people who affirm that Tatsumaki is a minor and should not be sexualized.
  • Second place is shared by the franchises of Death Note and one piece. The first one is quite curious because it is a finished manga and anime. Perhaps the live-action adaptations are what have kept their fan base still online, albeit throwing out completely negative comments. About one pieceThere’s usually a certain amount of arrogance among fans, calling it one of the greatest stories ever written and insisting there’s nothing to compare it to, only to resort to insults when someone doesn’t think like them.
  • Third place is shared by the franchises of Kimetsu no Yaiba and full metal alchemist. Regarding the first, it should be noted that Kimetsu no Yaiba is constantly attacked by a community of “anti-fans”, which ends up provoking the real fan base of the franchise and generating more than one conflict on social networks. On the other hand, fans of full metal alchemist They are also constantly criticized for their arrogance, since They assure that “there is not and there will not be a better anime in history than Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”sabotaging scores in MyAnimeList and affecting the efforts of other fan bases.
  • Further down the anime ranking we come across Dragon Ball Z in the fourth position, shingeki no kyojin in the fifth, Boku no Hero Academia in the sixth, Neon Genesis Evangelion in the seventh position, cowboy bebop in the eighth, and BLEACH sharing ninth position with elfen lied. We would really like to know if there are still any active fans of elfen lied on social networks.

But, in your social media experience, which anime franchises have the most toxic communities?

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