What are doors in anime? What types are there and how do they work?

Solo Leveling” is starting to warm up with the whole topic of the resurgence of Sung Jinwoo, formerly known as ‘weakest hunter of all‘but today it is already quite powerful in combat. That being said, it won’t be until you see him in some of the more dangerous doors that you can truly gauge her true power level, though… What exactly are those doors that govern the dangers of the world of “Solo Leveling”?

(There are slight spoilers regarding some type of door that has not yet appeared in the Solo Leveling anime)

What are Solo Leveling Doors?

“Solo Leveling” Doors are some portals that cross dimensions and they appeared for the first time 10 years before the events of the main story. These doors are responsible for connecting the dimension of the Earth with other dimensions in closed spaces that house an immense number of creatures lethal to most humans.

only leveling
At the beginning of the anime, Sung Jinwoo mistakenly enters a door of maximum difficulty

It is as a result of the appearance of the Doors that there was also the awakening of humans. That is to say, one day suddenly ordinary humans began to see how mana began to circulate through their body, which at the same time allowed them to become fit to face the challenge of facing these doors full of monsters.

How Solo Leveling Doors Work

Basically, “Solo Leveling” doors are about portals that establish a connection with dungeons of parallel dimensions. This is all that is known about their operation:

  • The doors They can appear anywhere and at any timeand these require immediate action on the part of hunters.
  • The objective of the hunters when crossing one of these doors is to deal with all the monsters inside, especially the one known as the ‘Boss’ of the dungeon.
  • If you manage to eliminate the boss, The Door closes with the dungeon disappearing and the hunters can return home with all kinds of rewards obtained during the course of the mission.
  • If, on the other hand, an open Door cannot be closed after a certain amount of time has elapsed, The Door ends up becoming a kind of dimensional crack through which the dungeon monsters can end up crossing into the real world.. If this happens, the hunters are forced to eliminate the dungeon boss on Earth in order to close the Gate permanently.
only leveling
Doors are part of the daily bread of Solo Leveling hunters

What types of doors are there in Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling” doors respond to a classification system very similar to that of the hunters themselvesbut there are certain peculiarities to take into account:

  • In Solo Leveling, there is a Hunter ranking system moving from S to E ranks (the first being the highest category while the second is the lowest). Exactly the same thing happens with doors.
  • When determining the difficulty of the dungeon a door presents, one of the hunter rating ranges is used to ‘tag’ it. This means that If a rank B gate appears, the logical thing is to prevent lower rank hunters from taking part in it (unless there is no other alternative).
  • Likewise, when determining the range of a door, what is done is measure the levels of mana that arise from it. While gate size itself can serve as some indicator, the reality is that the most accurate measurement (by far) will always come from a mana reading.
only leveling
The treacherous Red Queen of the Solo Leveling universe
  • On the other hand, there are strange phenomena called ‘Red Doors’ that only reveal their true nature once a group of hunters enters it. Upon noticing the entrance of the hunters, the door will suddenly turn red (it is initially blue) and will automatically seal its entrance, meaning that it is only possible to leave its confines by eliminating the boss… or by dying everyone. world. Furthermore, the weather conditions of a red door are usually very strenuous, which causes which can be even more dangerous than standard A-rank doors.

And that’s mostly all you need to know about Solo Leveling doors. The truth is that this is an interesting concept since it really FORCES you to have to take action as soon as possible or face potential disastrous consequences in real life. What is striking is that ‘ordinary’ people have come to connect the concepts of doors with hunters like fires with firefighters… only sometimes quite ungratefully. Definitely curious that it can become part of the routine to witness how one’s dimension connects with that of a world full of monsters.

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