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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shimmering Pearl They are role-playing video games belonging to the fourth generation of video games of the franchise. Pokemon, these remastered versions did not finish convincing the fans, especially those who enjoyed the original versions. But to the surprise of many, some time ago a fan decided to make his own version of a trailer in which we can see what could have been the perfect remake of these video games.

Check out the amazing remake of Brilliant Diamond and Glittering Pearl made by a fan!

In the video we can see some scenes from the beginning of the game of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with incredible 3D models that can be compared to those already seen in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, with the improvement that these seem to be more polished and that the setting and The scenarios seem not to be so simple and have a greater diversity in terms of the objects that we can find in the scenarios.

Another point that we must mention is the mechanics of taking out your Pokémon so that it can walk with you, so that in this way the players feel a little more what the anime characters feel when they take their companions to interact and fight.

It is worth mentioning that for a fan project, this trailer could well replace the one that was presented to us to promote the remakes of the fourth generation, and that without a doubt would have been better received and praised for what this remake could well have been. We sincerely hope that with future remakes, the developer will be more aware of both the requests of the players, as well as the time to polish the games and that they arrive at their best stage, without having various errors.


pokemon diamond and pearl are two role-playing video games that represent the fourth generation of the Pokémon saga, both versions were developed by Game Freak and distributed by Nintendowere released in Japan on September 28, 2006, while the American version was released on April 22, 2007 and the European edition on July 27 of the same year.

During the Pokemon Presents February 26, 2021 pokemon company announced some new adaptations of fourth-generation video games for the console nintendoswitch titled Bright diamond Y Shimmering Pearlwhich hit the market on November 19 of the same year.


About Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl:

Diamante and Perla narrate the adventures of a new Pokémon trainer who seeks to become the League Champion by capturing and training said beings. Like most titles in the series, they feature eight gyms run by Gym Leaders, professional trainers whose expertise lies in a particular elemental type.

These serve as bosses and reward the winners of their fight with gym medals, key to the advancement of the plot. As with all the main installments, the protagonist must also thwart the plans of a crime syndicate, in this case, Team Galaxy, who plans to use the legendary Pokémon to create a new emotionless universe while destroying the current one.

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