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Order to watch One Piece Anime , Movies and Ova.

More than a thousand anime and manga episodes… and it turns out that’s not all one can find from the » One Piece » anime. Indeed, over the years Eiichiro Oda’s work has added a lot of animated content, either as an OVA or a movie, and although the truth is that this material can be enjoyed (mostly) completely independently of the main plot, logically it can be placed in an order that makes watching everything in a row make much more sense .

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So, after browsing the net a bit ( 1 , 2 ) and finding various recommendations, I leave you with what I think is the most accepted order when it comes to seeing everything that «One Piece» has to offer as anime (remember that to follow the anime weekly is as simple as going to the Crunchyroll website ).

  • Within each great arc there are multiple sagas that I have not broken down since it is reached naturally by following the episodes; nothing in particular needs to be taken into account.
  • I have marked the movies in bold.
  • In italics you will find the different OVA/Specials of the franchise.

Correct order to watch One Piece anime

1. East Blue Arch

  1. Episodes 1 to 8 of the anime.
  2. OVA ‘I will defeat you! Pirate Ganzack’
  3. Episodes 9 to 18.
  4. One Piece: The Movie.
  5. Episodes 19 to 53.
  6. Movie ‘The Island Adventure‘.
  7. OVA Jango’s Dance Carnival.
  8. Episodes 54 to 61.
  9. East Blue episode: The great adventure of Luffy and his four comrades (summary of the entire saga with several mini-stories).
Order to watch One Piece
The origin of a story that spans more than two decades

2. Alabasta Arch

  1. Episodes 62 to 91.
  2. OVA ‘Dream Soccer King’.
  3. Episodes 92 to 130.
  4. Movie ‘Episode of Arabasta:Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates (Arabasta arc summary).
  5. Movie ‘Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals’.
  6. Episodes 131 to 135.
Order to watch One Piece
A Straw Hat like the most

3. Sky Island Arc

  1. Episodes 136 to 138.
  2. Movie ‘Dead End Adventure’.
  3. Movie ‘The Cursed Holy Sword’.
  4. OVA ‘Open in the great sea! Dream of a huge, huge father!’
  5. OVA ‘Aim! The Pirate King of Baseball’.
  6. Episodes 139 to 195.
  7. ‘Episode Guide/Sky Island Saga’ movie (arc summary).
  8. Episodes 196 to 206.
  9. Movie ‘One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret’.
skypiea Order to watch One Piece
One of the most memorable Devil Fruit users

4. Water 7 .

  1. Episodes 207 to 219.
  2. OVA ‘One Piece: Protect! The last great stage’.
  3. Episodes 220 to 228.
  4. Movie ‘The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle’.
  5. Episodes 229 to 290.
  6. OVA: Boss Luffy Historical Special: Episodes 291 and 292 (also 303 and 406-407).
  7. Episodes 293 to 302.
  8. Episodes 304 to 325.
  9. Movie ‘The Miracle Winter Cherry Blossom’.
water 7
This is pure anime history, and surely one of my favorite moments

5. Thriller Bark Arch

  1. Episodes 326 to 335.
  2. OVA: Chopper Man (episode 336).
  3. Episodes 337 to 384.
The bow that I liked the LEAST by far, I never found anything attractive

6. Summit War Arc

  1. Episodes 426 to 429 (not a mistake; this is the Little East Blue Filler Arc, which sets up for the movie Strong World).
  2. Movie ‘One Piece Film: Strong World’.
  3. Movie ‘One Piece 3D: Pursuit of the Straw Hat’.
  4. OVA ‘ONE PIECE 3D: Trap Coaster’.
  5. OVA’ Romance Dawn Story’.
  6. Episodes 385 to 491 (Several heavyweight arcs are collected here, such as Sabaody, Marineford, and more.)
  7. OVA ‘One Piece x Toriko’ (Episode 492).
  8. Episodes 493 to 516.
  9. OVA ‘One Piece Episode of 3D2Y Get Over Ace’s Death! Luffy’s vote to the crew of him!’.
one piece marineford
¿Peak One Piece?

7. Fish-Man Island Arc

  1. Episodes 517 to 522.
  2. OVA ‘Episode of Nami: A Navigator’s Tears and Connection with Comrades’ (Arlong Saga Summary).
  3. Episodes 523 to 541.
  4. OVA ‘One Piece x Toriko’ (episode 542).
  5. Episodes 543 to 574.
one piece gyojin
It wasn’t bad, but there was an inevitable crash following the previous brutality.

8. Dressrosa Arc

  1. Episodes 575 to 578.
  2. OVA ‘One Piece Film Z: Glorious Island – Parte 1’.
  3. OVA ‘One Piece Film Z: Glorious Island – Parte 2’.
  4. Movie ‘One Piece Film: Z’.
  5. OVA ‘Episode of Luffy: Adventure in Mano Island’.
  6. Episodes 579 to 589.
  7. OVA ‘One Piece x Toriko x Dragon Ball’ (episodio 590).
  8. Episodes 591 to 625.
  9. OVA ‘Episode of Merry: A Friend’s Tale’.
  10. Episodes 626 to 746.
  11. OVA ‘Sabo Episode: The Bond of the Three Brothers – The Miraculous Reunion and the Inherited Will’.
one piece dressrosa
Doquixote Doflamingo and Gear 4th; you don’t have to tell me anything else

9. Four Emperors Arc

  1. Episodes 747 to 750.
  2. OVA ‘One Piece: Heart of Gold’.
  3. OVA ‘One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0’.
  4. Movie ‘One Piece Film: Gold’.
  5. Episodes 751 to 894.
  6. Episodes 895 and 896 (filler arc to tie in with One Piece: Stampede).
  7. One Piece: Stampede movie.
  8. Episodes 897 to (still airing).
  9. OVA ‘Twentieth Anniversary! – Special Romance Dawn’.

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