What is this power and how does it work?

Both the anime and the manga Jujutsu Kaisen They stand out in the same thing: their fantastic deployment of means when it comes to offering action-packed battles. The battles designed by Gege Akutami, as well as the characters who participate in them, have great charisma, and these elements are what ended up lifting the work towards the Olympus of Shonen Jump.

However, there is something that many of his followers can agree on. It is difficult to understand 100% how the powers of each Sorcerer work.. When watching Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen I noticed that I got quite involved with the different uses and functioning of Cursed energy, and then I realized that I wasn’t the only one that happened to it. For this reason in this article I want to explain in a simple way one of the most important techniques of the work: the Reverse Curse.

Reverse Curse Technique: What it is, what it is for and how it works

  • The Reverse Curse Technique (let’s call TMI for short) is a very complex cursed technique that allows to heal wounds (own and others), regenerate lost body parts and even nullify the effects of certain attacks enemies☝🏻🤓
  • To understand how it works, you must be clear about the very nature of Cursed Energywhich is considered negativesince it comes from negative emotions, and which is available to almost everyone (Maki and Toji are exceptions)❌
  • Cursed energy is used to destroyand what the Reverse Cursed Technique does is transform this energy until make it positive and that its use is to “create”💱
  • How do sorcerers manage to use a TMI?: to be able to access it you have to multiply negative cursed energy until it becomes positive❗❗
  • Do you remember that in mathematics “- times – equals +”? Well, here the same logic is followed: Cursed Energy (-) x Cursed Energy (-) = Positive Energy🔢
Sukuna using large amounts of cursed energy to regenerate his hand

Example to understand easily

  • The best example to explain this It is the resurrection of Gojo after being killed by Toji
  • Before he died, Gojo understood the true essence of the Cursed Energy, and that is why He was able to multiply his own until it became positive, which allowed him to heal all the mortal wounds that Toji gave him (destroy->create) 🩹🩹🩹
  • Behind this He used the positive energy created by TMI to reverse his “Blue” attack and turn it into “Red.”; the nature of his Infinity technique went from “attract” to “repel”🔵🔴
  • Additionally, TMI applications allow sorcerers to further exploit their cursed techniques and even “regenerate their weakened Domain Expansions” (kind of like cooling down an overheated engine)👀
  • However If you abuse the Reverse Technique you risk “burning” the part of the brain where the Domain Expansion is housed. and be left without the opportunity to use it anymore❗❗❗

People who can use the Reverse Technique

The TMI It is a very complex ability and is only available to the most powerful sorcerers., since it requires having a large amount of cursed energy. The only ones who can use it in all of Jujutsu Kaisen are:

  • Gojo Satoru
  • Sukuna
  • Yuta Okkotsu
  • Shoko Ieri
  • Uraume
  • Yuki Tsukumo
  • Kenjaku
  • Hakari Kinji
  • Hiromi Higuruma

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